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Maximus V + Intel Ultimate-N 6300 AGN *WHITELIST* issue

puma99dk| wrote:i received my Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN but when install Intel's or Lenovo's Driver on my Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit i just get this error:u may ask why i also write i tried Lenovo's driver, but from what i can see from the...

seesee by Level 7
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Asus Rampage IV Extreme slow boot

When i start up the computer theres about 30 seconds of completely black and no input after that i get about 15 second post and then it takes about 10 seconds to load windows 8.1. I have been having this problem for a while but it have been starting ...

Razer Mamba doesn't power on after sleep

If I allow my machine to go into sleep mode (Windows 8.1) then my Razer mouse (Mamba) is not powered on after I wake the machine back up. In fact, the only way to get it working is to unplug and re-plug it back into the USB port. I'm using a USB 3 po...

ATX 8 and 4 PIN on R4BE both or only 8?

Looking at my build, I've connected both the 8 pin and 4 Pin above the CPU to the PSU. Didn't connect the molex at the bottom since I only have 1 GTX 780 TC. Can that be a problem?Asking because if I try to push just a little to 4.5 GHz, (event the a...

stephy32 by Level 7
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what is wise? 4930k VS 3930k/3960x

I have sold my haswell rig all together for a good price and im starting from scratchi am going for x79.i read everywere that ivy-e clocks bad so now i wonder if it isnt smart to go for sandy-e.which would bring me the better Benchrig? ivy-e or sandy...

flexnl by Level 10
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Thermal Pad under VRM heatsink

Hello. I have a question and hopefully someone can help me out. I have an Asus Crosshair Formula Z motherboard with a full cover Ek VRM waterblock and I need to replace that with the stock VRM heatsink because I am about to sell the motherboard. I...

Maximus Hero sound question

I have a Asus DSX card. Is this a better option than the on board sound? I play mostly games using head phones and would like to get positional sound if possible. Thoughts, suggestions? SS

Perko by Level 8
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DRAM led lit, want boot to bios. Need Help

Hi, seems like yet another thread, unfortunately nothing worked for me so far Problem started when my machine just simply shut down like you would cut electricity, any further tries of powering it up been ending like fans mowing milimiter and silence...

zonder by Level 7
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Windows 8.1 and SSD Help!

I have a OCZ vertex 2 120GB and a sandisk X110 120gb SSD that were working on windows 7. I just bought a Adata SP900 256GB and windows 8.1. I installed w8 on the adata and it showed my sandisk but not my OCZ SSD. I went into manage and disk managemen...

Formula board stuck in boot loop when enable XMP

Hi, i've got the Maximus VI Formula board with a 4770k cpu and i'm having problems getting my RAM to work at the advertised speed. I've updated the BIOS to 1302 and i'm still having problems I've installed 4x8GB Corsair DDR3 sticks - CMY16GX3M2A240...

Zicon by Level 7
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