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Max VI Formula wifi card preventing shutdown

Whenever I tell my computer to shutdown it will instead reboot if it is connected using the Broadcom 802.11ac wifi+bluetooth combo card. If I disable the adapter and tell it to shutdown the computer will shutdown. Updated to the latest drivers (took ...

Rampage Extreme 4 - No Video - AA

Hello allI have been using a PC with a Rampage Extreme 4 mobo for quite a while now, and when I booted it up the other day, it was no longer starting.I am not getting any video at all, not even the BIOS output.after the boot sequence, I can see the L...

Eriwn by Level 7
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Few questions about Rampage IV Black Edition and WS-E.

Black Edition questions:How many layers has its PCB?Problems with VCCSA LLC were only on early boards because of early BIOS, or was it a manufacturing defect that affected only some boards?What's power efficiency of its power delivery system? (I seen...

Raghar by Level 7
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[SOLVED] 7 reboot to XP, no power on USB

So in my dual boot system when I restart 7 and enter XP after I click on XP on the boot manager (7 boot manager) the mouse laser turns off and never loads up again. No plug/unplug works either. At that point I need to restart again and now all USBs a...

Dogway by Level 7
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M6E oc help - voltage spike beyond what is set in bios

hi guys, just got my rig sorted running a 4770k under water with M6E. its not the best as it needs 1.42v (dirty) to run 4.5 stable.I have just booted it up after delidding and far out what a difference like 20 to 30deg cooler.my problem is that I don...

NEED HELP WITH MBR ERROR crosshair V formula-z

this one is really weird. the computer boots up to my ocz ssd normally and works great but after the bios loads mbr error shows up. I press enter and it boots right away. I thought mbr error was a reinstall error that caused critical problems! doe...

Maximus IV diagnostic utilities?

Hello, new to the forum. I have the Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3 board. I've had it for over a year now butthis past week my pc has just kicked out and rebooted (no freezing up or the like) 3 times. I thought it wasrelated to a video card driver update ...

Big_T by Level 7
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HDD BIOS Recognition Issue--SATA Port Order?

Hey everyone,I currently built a new rocketship with an FX-9370, 16GB of GSkill 2400 RAM from the approved vendor list, and a Crucial SSD. System installed fine without difficulties, and I have been adding pieces to the box slowly but surely.Presentl...