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Maximus VI Formula, Cant Update BIOS

Hey Guys,When I boot my new Maximus VI Formula with my GTX 680 in the first PCI slot it won't recognize my GPU. I figured a BIOS update might help, but my ROG Connect button doesn't seem to do anything even after renaming and putting the latest bios ...

Brack by Level 7
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QPI and VTT?

So, can anyone tell me what the options QPI and VTT (for cpu) do and where do i find them in the z87 maximus vi formula bios version 1302? Also, i have 2 monitors connected to my gpu (evga gtx 660 ti SC) how do i set which monitor has the bios window...

New build: Red CPU light and won't USB flash bios

Hi all, I've built a new PC and have been struggling for the past 3 days reassembling checking for broken CPU pins, attempting to flash Bios through ROG Connect USB. It always shows a bright led CPU light implying CPU detection error. I have tried AS...

Changing my I73960x i74960x on R4E motherboard QUESTION

I have Rampage IV Extreme Mother Boardokay so I have a bad i73960x and I am now going to replace it with the latest and greatestivy bridge I74960x !but will I have re-install my OS????????? if I do this???I don't think I would have to but I just thou...

jblanc03 by Level 7
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VI Gene Code 55 when memory is in A1 or A2

I just put together my new build but when ever I place my RAM in A1 or A2 I get Error 55. When my RAM is in either slot B1 or B2 or both it works fine. I have tried literally everything. Flashing BIOS resetting CMOS. Resetting CPU and cooler (H100i) ...

oopse3 by Level 7
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C1 or C2

How can I tell the difference by looking at the serial number of my Max Vi hero? (The last five digits in the serial number)I came across the info earlier in the day but can not fine the info. The reason is cuz I have C1 and having USB issues want to...

Bqtchef by Level 7
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Rampage iV Extreme dual video cards POST selection?

Hello,I have both a Quadro K6000 and a GT 635 card on my system -- the GT 635 drives my displays and the Quadro is used for CUDA programs. Is there a way I can place the Quadro K6000 in the top slot (slot 1) and be able to POST from slot 3? My previo...

FX9350/70 Support

The link on the ROG web site seems to indicate that my Crosshair Rev 1.x can run these processors. Is this true? I thought these early MB's did not have the voltage.

Orome by Level 7
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