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Switching Windows boot from SATA SSD to NVMe SSD

I recently built my first PC. I installed an ASUS TUF Gaming Plus x570 board. I installed two SSD drives, a Samsung 860 EVO SSD and a Samsung 970 EVO NVMe SSD. When I initially set up Windows everything was installed onto the 860 SSD and that beca...

X99-s many windows 7 drivers missing

I often notice in the drivers section that many motherboard component drivers are missing, even after a scan for hardware changes and windows updates. Windows finds no drivers and I've installed what I can from the ASUS page.Thoughts ?

Asus X570-I board warped

After installing my new X570-I board, I noticed that the board is warped along one edge, as can be seen in the photos. Is this normal or acceptable? Also, I bought it from Newegg, do dealing with their RMA process would be a pain.

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Asus Maximus V Extreme PSU Compatability Issue

So I'm using an EVGA SuperNOVA 850 T2 and the MVE(Maximus V Extreme) has 3 ATX power connectors, 24, 8, and 4. The PSU has 2 x EPS/ATX12V 8(4+4)Pin outputs but the cables don't match up with the 8-in header on the mobo. I can use the split 4+4 conne...

gmnvg by Level 7
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Rog Strix X570-E Black Screen

Hi,I have a problem with bios 1403. After I update the BIOS yesterday, my system does not boot (black screen). I always have to remove the CMOS battery and do a CMOS reset. Then the PC starts normally again. After I turned off the PC and start again ...

Caladan by Level 7
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Crosshair VIII Hero: CPU Temperature Swings?

In absolute terms the Ryzen 7 3700X CPU temperatures on my Crosshair VIII Hero seem fine. According to HWINFO, the CPU sensors usually report temperatures around:CPU (Tctl/Tdie) = in the 40s CCPU CCD1 (Tdie) = in the 30sWhile the motherboard sensor...