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Low volume with microphone on Maximus VI Hero.

Hi,I just built my new computer yesterday and everything was working perfectly until I tried calling my brother on Skype, the volume is super low and the only way I can get it audible is with the microphone boost at max but then the sound is distorte...

High Temps with Crosshair V Formula Z / AMD8350

Hi Guys,I am getting disturbingly high idle temps with my 8350 using the Crosshair V Formula Z (55 degrees C @ idle).Strange thing is I had this exact same chip in a Sabertooth 990 fx R2 and the idle temps were 33 degrees C. It is the same cooler and...

Souleh by Level 7
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Rampage IV Black Edition Shutdown

Hello.I got the black edition with the next config:4930K@4,6@1,31voffset4x4GB Team Group Vulcan Xtreem 2400 CL10EVGA 780Ti SCSamsung 840Pro 256 (win 8.1)Crucial M4 512Seagate 7200.14 2TBSeagate Green 2TBSuperflower leadex platinum 1200Well, I did not...

Asus mb utils won't install, in particular Thermal Radar

Hello,I just put together a new system with a Sabertooth z87, with Windows7. The support CD appears to have errors on it, when i tried to install the ASUS utils, i got errors and failures during the install process. Further attempts resulted in the i...

f0rrest by Level 7
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Hero sound question - can I use a card an on board together?

I got a set of Razer 7.1 head phones and I have a STX sound card installed to use it with, great right! I also have a set of Klipsch 2.1 speakers and a sub I want to use but can reach to the front speaker port on my box. Can I use on board for the sp...

Perko by Level 8
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Rapid degradation or ignorance?

I've had my 4930k for a little over a month. When I initially started overclocking it I was able to reach 4.6 GHz and run prime95 for over 24 hours at around 1.34v without error or BSOD. Now it requires around 1.44v to pass prime95 for even just eigh...

zed by Level 7
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haswell good batch?

who has a good haswell clocker (48+ low voltage)plz tell me your batchnumber thank you :}edit: even better... all hasswel owners plz tell me your oc and batchnumber

flexnl by Level 10
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Mix & Mach

I have an ASUS RAMPAGE 3 BLACK EDITION motherboard with a 990X CPU48GB triple channel ram running at 1866MHz, 2 samsung 256 pro SSD's in RAID 0,ect ,ect,Q;1 Can i buy the Asus Intuitive overclocking command center! From the rampage 4, Separately ?Q;2...

sgs by Level 7
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Load Line Calibration Explication

Hello,I am work on the overclocking of my FX-8350 and I have a Crosshair V formula-z. But in don't understand all about the load line calibration, is it possible for anyone to explain my the role of the Load line calibration!And what is the best vcor...

OverClocking my CPU new to overclocking

I am new to overclocking my CPU and was wonder what i have to do to get this started where i have to go and what i have to do it safely i have messed around in the BIOS but every time it fails to overclock before the system reboots and i have to defa...