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Little lost on this...

So, I come home to find a wonderful box on my doorstep and its my new RAM. My AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series 4x4gb. Originally had 4x2gb Gskills. I noticed before I upgraded that I only had 3.17gb of ram usable - Hence, why I upgraded. So, after I popped...

a bunch of q codes popping up

i have the following codes popping up on the debug after a successful boot up, i have tried reseating the ram but it seems when i put the ram to its normal run speed 2133mhz at 9cl it will crash over night.\q codes:27 262532normally steady between th...

seek890 by Level 7
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Illegal ES CPUs are not supported

Hello! I'm looking for help.Recently I changed my lovely Sabertooth X79 with Rampage IV Extreme. Generally, I bought it as a gift for myself on my birthday.All config except motherboard remained the same, no one extra change was made.After mobo has b...

1vanych by Level 7
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Rampage IV BE: USB Ports powering, but OS not seeing devices

So, I'm a little behind in my technical know how - My Rampage III Extreme passed away the other day and I replaced it with a shiny new Rampage IV BE + 4930k.I'm having some small issues with the USB ports (3.0 mostly) where its powering up devices, b...

Gawlron by Level 7
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Help: Computer hanging at B2 this morning

So i just tried to power on my rig this morning, goes past the rog spash screen, then everything just stops and the Q-code hangs at B2. I have made NO changes to hardware or software, just shut it down last night and trying to boot today. I try mashi...

Manual Vcore Not Constant?

Hey,I have stabilized my overclock of 4770k at 4.5ghz with 1.22vcore. I am using manual vcore, but I would like to know if the manual vcore is supposed to fluctuate or not. According to hwmonitor or aisuite my vcore drops to ~0.1v when idling. Can th...

comppi by Level 7
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Trying to setup RST and other junk

Hello everyone. This is my first post on ROG WOOT!. Anyways, I have been trying for the past couple months to have my HDD's and SSD's setup how I want it. On my Dell Inspirion 14z Ultrabook, it has a 32gb msata ssd and a 500gb hdd installed. It w...

Rampage IV Black Edition Code 22 after a new system build

Hello,I'm André from Germany and I finished my new computer today.But now...if I start the computer the Q-Code shows 00 and there isn't any LED under the Q-Code display which light.And the system is shutting down after 5 seconds and then it goes on.....