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Trying to setup RST and other junk

Hello everyone. This is my first post on ROG WOOT!. Anyways, I have been trying for the past couple months to have my HDD's and SSD's setup how I want it. On my Dell Inspirion 14z Ultrabook, it has a 32gb msata ssd and a 500gb hdd installed. It w...

Rampage IV Black Edition Code 22 after a new system build

Hello,I'm André from Germany and I finished my new computer today.But now...if I start the computer the Q-Code shows 00 and there isn't any LED under the Q-Code display which light.And the system is shutting down after 5 seconds and then it goes on.....

sabertooth x79 bios 4608 is very buggy

i posted about the bios bugs last year but some are still here like the double cpu-spectrum enabled or disabledbut today i found a new one that is weird , right after flashing the latest .it is in the last page : mode fast boot , that i had disabled ...

GRML4D by Level 7
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It's Time for upgrades!!!

It's that time of year again, Should have my new stuff sometime next week.Asus Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard, Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8 GB 2400 MHZ CL10 ram, Evga GTX 780 TI SuperClocked, 256 GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD, 4 TB WD Black, Corsair Ai...

AVX and adaptive voltage jumping

Yes i know that its suppose to happen. Recently i have been ding my encodes a bit differently. I am using win movie maker to encode wmv's to mp4 at highest setting. 140mb becomes 2.25gb. then i use Handbrake to compress the 'f out of it to get...

MVF Q-code 80 ?

Maximus V Formula Q-code 80 i didn't find it in the manual anyone know what it means ?-Bios 1309.-PC running stable.

Ayman by Level 10
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Considering upgrading to 4930k from a 3930k, worth it?

Hey guys, I have a X79-UD3 board that just needs a cpu and ram, so I was thinking about grabbing a 4930k for my RIVE and throwing the 3930k in the UD3. I was thinking if I should just get a 4820 for the second machine but then I thought maybe just gr...

Maximus vi Formula PCI-E x16 slot running at x8.

First off here is my set-up in case it makes a difference. CM Cosmos II Maximus VI FormulaIntel Core i7-4770k(Running @ 4400MHz/1.250 vcore)Corsair H100 Push/Pull ConfigCorsair Dominator Platinum 16Gb(4x4Gb) 1866MHzAsus GTX 680 DC2T (soon to be 2 car...

Was the infamous M6E slot B2 issue ever solved?

Was the infamous M6E slot B2 issue ever solved? I finally built a second rig around the RMA replacement M6E from a few months ago and its running fine with a 4770K at stock speeds with a single GTX 690. Just not sure if I should ever consider multi...