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Which vga slot should I use?

Hi all again, hope all had a good New Year! I did some quick searching through the forums but I wasn't lucky. I have finally upgraded to an Asus GTX 780. I have a Asus Rampage IV Formula, RIVE, just curious if I can use PCI express red slot 3 for t...

Brand new system randomly shuts down and boots back up.

So my computer has been randomly shutting down and turning back on (it would completely shut down, no lights or anything, and then boot back up). I have all settings at stock. At first I thought it was my PSU was getting old and showing its age so I ...

should i get rid of Ai suite 3

hi all just built new computer what I would like to no from reading this form should I keep ai 3 or get rid of it4770 K at 46.132 gig corsair cmy16gx3m2a1866c9 memH100i gtx780ti what I would like to no as it seams like some say get rig of ai3 as yo...

Nikonboy by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme USB Headers Question / Help

Hi Guys,I'm in the process of building a new RIG. My Question relates to the USB Header on the Motherboard.I've never given this much thought in the past and may seem a silly question, but the USB Header on the MB actaully allows for 2 USB Ports / S...

Why i can't control Fans on Sabertooth Z87

Hey Guys!I installed some 3-Pin and also 4-Pin Fans in my case and pluged them into the Fan-Header.I just wanted to control the RPM, but i in Thermal Radar 2 its disabled.Now i pluged in just one 3-Pin-Fan into 1 Header and it doesnt work.. Its also ...

Humanic by Level 7
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Capacitor exploded – Maximus Formula VI

Hi,i have got a brand new PC since three days. It worked perfectly fine, till today. Suddenly a loud bang and the smell of burned electronics occurred, the computer started new for 2 times a row, but it was still running, no signs of problems. I shut...

dabow by Level 7
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Bad RMA experience

Hi All,I have a bad RMA experience to recount, just wanted to see how others experiences were. I have a Sabertooth P67 that has a couple of faulty USB ports. I called customer service and they approved an RMA process. When I got my (refurbished) boar...

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Bluetooth issue R4EBE

I tried using Bluetooth on my new rampage 4 extreme black edition. It says it's searching for devices and then restarts constantly. You hear the USB disconnect and reconnect noise to go along with it. I even tried a fresh reinstall of windows 8.1 and...