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ASUS ROG Formula VI New Build Won't Boot b2 q-code

Hello all. I recently put together a new build using a ASUS ROG Formula VI motherboard. I turned it on and at first the computer turns on for a few seconds, appears to turn off briefly, then turns on again and gets stuck on the b2 q-code. I have not ...

yold6 by Level 7
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Rampge IV Gene Can't Flashback to 4206

I flashed my bios to 4802 and noticed my oc speed stuck at default 3.2 . I tried to reset cmos, it didn't help. Then I tried to use ez2flash and got image outdated message, then I tried flashback bios. I hold the button for 3 second it then blinks 3...

demonix by Level 7
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Bios update

The updates to the bios of the motherboard CROSSHAIR V FORMULA Z, serve you the CROSSHAIR V FORMULA motherboard and if so, which version is more stable:)

NEWB looking for help regarding cables.

Hi guys, complete Newb here... hope I don't get hanged for this.I've never built a pc before, but I just got an urge to start putting together a system. Here's is my complete list of parts etc. that I have purchased:nzxt h440 black/red case towerAs...

jomes by Level 7
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Crosshair V Fomula Z with AMD 9590 won't boot

I have seen this question partially asked in some threads and I never really could see an answer.I have a BRAND NEW Crosshair V mobo with an AMD9590, 16g of Corsair Vengeance ram, Corsair 850w PS and a Geforce GTX 660ti video card (I bought the video...

Updating Maximus VI Hero

Hey guys, Providence here.I'm new to building a computer however yesterday I successfully built one with only a few hiccups. My specs: Asus Maximus VI HeroIntel i5 4670K, stock clockAsus GTX 780 DirectCU II OC, stock clockCorsair Vengeance 8GB 2X4 16...

Which vga slot should I use?

Hi all again, hope all had a good New Year! I did some quick searching through the forums but I wasn't lucky. I have finally upgraded to an Asus GTX 780. I have a Asus Rampage IV Formula, RIVE, just curious if I can use PCI express red slot 3 for t...

Brand new system randomly shuts down and boots back up.

So my computer has been randomly shutting down and turning back on (it would completely shut down, no lights or anything, and then boot back up). I have all settings at stock. At first I thought it was my PSU was getting old and showing its age so I ...