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Asus rampage 3 extreme black edition

Hi guysthought this was the only place to get some proper answers about my motherboardI have a weird situation, I have some corsair dominator GT CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 6GB 3 X 2GB 8-9-8-24memory and when I install them into the rampage 3 extreme black, t...

Asus11 by Level 7
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VI Extreme - UEFI driver: Not found?

Hi,I have just bought new computer parts and build it my self but I have two problems and I'm hoping that you could help me.This is what my build:Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI ExtremeCPU: Intel Core i7 4770K 3,5GHzOS: Windows 8.1OS Disk: OCZ RevoDrive...

34092 34091
MrZew by Level 7
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power supply

I was just sitting and playing a game,then computer just shut down is something wrong with my power supply.Everytime i sign into steam i will load game then game will come up, then shutdownThis is the error that cames up when computer turned back on....

NoLife by Level 9
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R4BE and code 124

Ended up getting a pretty good chip after my last one, made use of the intel tuning plan Currently running 4.75GHz @1.36v on my 4930k with tridents at 2400 cl9, Sa/vtt volts are at 1.25. 4.8ghz is stable at 1.44v anything higher and the only bsod cod...

M VI Gene - BIOS low limit PWM fans?

EDIT: My bad, I should have done a search. This thread shows the problem is even WORSE in the VI generation. I cannot fathom this idiotic decision, the minimum PWM cycle should be allowed to be set at 0% for chassis and no more than 20% (ideally 10%)...

ASUS ROG Formula VI New Build Won't Boot b2 q-code

Hello all. I recently put together a new build using a ASUS ROG Formula VI motherboard. I turned it on and at first the computer turns on for a few seconds, appears to turn off briefly, then turns on again and gets stuck on the b2 q-code. I have not ...

yold6 by Level 7
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Rampge IV Gene Can't Flashback to 4206

I flashed my bios to 4802 and noticed my oc speed stuck at default 3.2 . I tried to reset cmos, it didn't help. Then I tried to use ez2flash and got image outdated message, then I tried flashback bios. I hold the button for 3 second it then blinks 3...

demonix by Level 7
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Bios update

The updates to the bios of the motherboard CROSSHAIR V FORMULA Z, serve you the CROSSHAIR V FORMULA motherboard and if so, which version is more stable:)

NEWB looking for help regarding cables.

Hi guys, complete Newb here... hope I don't get hanged for this.I've never built a pc before, but I just got an urge to start putting together a system. Here's is my complete list of parts etc. that I have purchased:nzxt h440 black/red case towerAs...

jomes by Level 7
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Crosshair V Fomula Z with AMD 9590 won't boot

I have seen this question partially asked in some threads and I never really could see an answer.I have a BRAND NEW Crosshair V mobo with an AMD9590, 16g of Corsair Vengeance ram, Corsair 850w PS and a Geforce GTX 660ti video card (I bought the video...