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Silly question: sata port numbering

in the double-stacked SATA ports, does numbering go top-bottom or bottom-top?|5---|3---|1---| |6---|4---|2---| =========== <- motherboardor|6---|4---|2---||5---|3---|1---|=========== <- motherboardIt's not really clear at a glan...

Sianmink by Level 7
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Crosshair VIII Hero - BIOS Confusion

Hi Guys,I recently updated my BIOS to Version 1001 to get AGESA ABBA. Now there is a new BIOS on the ASUS Website call 0901. When I tried to flash it I saw that the build date was 28th of August or smthg like that so basically older than 1001...

sabertooth x79 pci boot order

i have a asus sabertooth x79 motherboard and have a pci graphics card installed and want to put in a pcie card for virtualization use but when i do that it displays its video output to the pcie card. is there any way i can set it to output to the pci...

you2314 by Level 7
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Strix X470-F BIOS v.5216 Pop!_OS bug

So I updated my BIOS recently, because I was thinking about buying a Zen2 cpu, the thing is my popos installation started acting weird.To be more precise I get no output from my gpu seemingly at random and the signal might return or it might not.Afte...

Strix-X570-F thinks my Bios is up to date

Motherboard:Strix-X570-F Bios:7010CPU:3700xGPU:Asus 5700x OS: Windows10 proMy Strix-X570-F seems to think that my Bios (ver. 7010) is up to date.When I built this PC I updated the Bios using the USB Flashback button and it worked great.This time the ...

Tuf x570 many problems not resolved.

list the problems not resolved so far on this motherboard:- whea error on gpu my nvidia 2070( but also some amd card have this error)- wol tab is not present on bios menu- bus setting It is not present in the menu - It is not possible to deactivate ...

frauss by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme - code 01

So ever time i turn the computer off - i have to reset the BIOS using a usb with R4E.cap otherwise I get error 01 when I turn it back on. *I have tried about 8 different BIOS versions but this keeps happening. The computer runs flawless, with or wit...

dbpavey by Level 7
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