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Gene VI error code 32 voltage issues

Just curious, what exactly does error code 32 mean? Seems through my multitude of reboots, it seems if vCore is set too high from boot it hangs on code 32. Almost as you need to do it incrementally or is also tied to CPU or CPU/NB speed.Example:Can't...

filmbot by Level 7
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Gene VI Raid Issues

Hi guys i can't acceess the raid menu after changing the sata setting to raid. I see the rog logo at the start of a boot then back to the UEFI screen, i can't see any option to load the intel raid utility Endlessly tried the ctrl + i combo but nothin...

Maximus VI Hero MOSFET monitoring

So I've been running this board since Haswell came out and so far I love it with my 4770k. I've been able to have a nice stable OC at 4.5ghz @ 1.2 vcore and I've been able to get all the variable voltages/clock-speeds to work keeping things nice and ...

socaldj by Level 7
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Maximus VI Formula Q-code D5

When I got everything from newegg a month ago, everything worked perfectly, especially after 1302 Bios.2 days ago I moved some SSD's around my case. Been getting this q-code for a while now.I have a 1200W PSU 80+ bronze so i know power isnt the probl...

Formula sound issues

I recently bought a Maximus 6 Formula and am trying to set up my astro a50s to provide sound output. Windows 8.1 recognizes the headset, but I do not get any audio through them. The a50s are connected directly to my motherboard via usb and optical au...

Maximus VI Impact: The Touch of Death

So I upgraded the case for my Maximus VI Impact build to the Lian Li PC-TU100B back in January, and thus far it has been a fantastic case except for one glaring problem: It Bluescreens almost every time I touch it.If I touch it with enough of a diffe...

Cpu Coolers and ram clearance

I was thinking of getting the Be Quiet Dark Pro 3 cpu cooler for the Black edition and was wondering if anyone has this setup and is there any problem with ram clearance? If this cooler would not work any suggestions for a good cpu cooler?Teutonic