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asus x79 deluxe marvel controller

my marvel controller is freezing under load with all ports populated. Can someone clarify just what the specs are for this controller. The marvel website seems to say it uses 2 lanes, is that the same implementation on this board? does that mean 6 ss...

CVF-Z FX-8350 missing p-states

Has anybody noticed with the CVF-Z and 8350 that in PSCheck half the P-states are missing? I had BIOS 1302 and I only had Pb0 - 4200MHz, Pb1 - 4100MHz, P0 - 4000MHz and P4 - 1400MHz showing. P-states P1 to P3 were missing. I updated to BIOS 1901 and ...

cbjaust by Level 7
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Maximus V OC-Key Get GPU TEMPS

Hi Guys, i come with this question, i have a motherboard maximus V extreme, i have two xfx7970 black ed, i would like to see in the OC-Key osd Screen the temps of these two GPUS.... is there a way to get that by hardware? i know that i can do some su...

Maximus Extreme VI fan issue

For some reason my cpu fan ( Nocuta d14 ) 3 pin is not being recognized by the xtreme fan program. The fan runs at full speed . I am not able to control the fan within the software or from the bios ( but it is running ). My cooler has two power con...


Hi all still running old bios 2105 installed on 08/04/2012 not sure if iam on CAP or ROM i heave read through forums ect and video guides and my head is bursting Just bought a New 258gb ssd samsung evo 6840 pro and w8.1 Running a i7 3820 at the mom...

No display on maximus vi formula ROG

Ok so I built this rig yesterday and today is software well I plug in mouse keyboard and a screen to the only display out on the mobo turn it on and at first I got q code AE well messed with some stuff then got a2 and all with no display at all so I ...

Wezal by Level 7
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