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BIOS Time Clock not Keeping Correct Time or Date

Hello, I'm new to the forum and looks like a great community! My problem is with the system time clock not keeping correct time. I have a Sabertooth Z 87 MB and my system is 8 months old with a factory OC. I have never had a minutes problem with th...

Maximus VI Extreme freeze on Q Code 64

Hey guys, I have a Maximus VI Extreme and a i7 4770K and for some reason when i turn the computer on it randomly freezes at the boot logo and the Q Code is on 64 for several seconds then it boots up, but normally my PC boots up in seconds and It neve...

Maximus Extreme vi - Rog Ram Disk

Maximus Extreme vi - Rog Ram Disk Kindly let me know if rog RAM DISK can also be used for file management temporaney browsers and windows? you just move the folders within the directory that rog RAM DISK. I would understand if rog ramdisk to th...


Warning! Bios Recovery Mode Detected!I recently changed my case and ssd and on bootup got this error.It wouldn't boot from the windows disk in my cd rom so I could install windows on my blank sdd or anything.So, I downloaded the latest bios, stuck it...

Asyrin by Level 7
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Strange start up sequence on ASUS RAMPAGE 4 EXTREME

Hi, I have ASUS RAMPAGE 4 EXTREME motherboard for a few days, but when I start my PC today, it start once then off for a few second then start back up like normal :mad:. I don't know what is causing it to be like that. Is there anyboady can help me ...

Rampage IV Gene

Hi , just received the mobo + 4820k. it seem that no one using this setup espacially this mobo :mad: so as for as overclocking goes is it similar to RIVE , RIVBE ?@Raja whats manual and offset setting does? if i manually set the vcore will it drops ...

extreme by Level 7
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PLX temperature montor MVE

I am just about finished building a Maximus V Extreme pc with a Sapphire HD7970 dual x graphics card installed in PCIe Slot 2. No OS on hdd yet. Just using the BIOS UEFI screens right now. I noticed that the plx temperature monitor is saying 50 d...

billyray by Level 7
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saberX79 Overclocking journey

Hi all on ROG forums.I am Erik and have come to learn about overclocking.I have been studying for a few weeks many forums, tech data and profiles.I have decided that it is best to set my own rather than grab a set profile, as I read over and over aga...

File missing

Good Morning AllHave just put together the rig in my sig.... and am getting a pop up upon booting.ASUS Setup..C\Users\*****\AppData\local\Temp 192225 log. inis lostDoes anyone know what this file refers to.. Its doing my head in :eek:Thanks for looki...