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crosshairV formulaZ i/o USBs

this has happened before. using a cordless r.a.t. 9 mouse. battery died and changed it out and my rat stopped working, when it worked before batt died. I have a corded version and connected to a front USB, that worked fine. for the receiver I changed...

Q: mPCIe Combo II Card - SSD in mPCIE slot?

Hi guys,I have a problem, or actually a question that I couldn't find any answer while searching the forums.I have a Maximus VI Gene motherboard.Our mPCIe Combo II Card has 2 sides/connections: 1 mPCIE and 1 M.2 for NGFF SSD.So my question is, can yo...

vrazic by Level 7
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X79-Deluxe not seeing all 32GB

Windows is only seeing 24GB of my 32GB Corsair Vengance Pro memory (bought as a 8GB x 4 kit). The Bios also reports 24GB total memory even though it shows all four 8GB modules: Troubleshooting steps I've taken so far: At first Windows would only see ...

SirBC by Level 7
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Rampage 4 no sound

Hello, i have a big problem with the onboard sound on r4e. I recently instaled W7 and even after a re install of audio driver when i open the control panel, and search for speakers apears in off. And i can t get any sound at all. Is the sound card da...

Puppet37 by Level 7
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Problems getting through POST,

I was up and gaming and everything locked up, soft reset and I get nothing but what's in the video and shut down. I've read around, I've removed and switch my ram around, cleared cmos, removed video cards. Looking into completely removing power and h...

Maximus Hero 8.1 64 Bit Install Problem

I might be missing something very obvious but all attempts to load Windows 8.1 64 Bit do not get past the initial Logo and splash screen.I can install 32 Bit with no issues onto the SSD and everything is as it should be yet attempting the same proces...

redrx7 by Level 7
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