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One more reason to Love ASUS ROG

I recently had the old error 01 issue on my RE4. did the normal detective work and narrowed it down to the memory. however windows will show you that you have a memory issue but will not identify which Dimm is the culprit. Well, in you UEFI bios on ...

FireRx by Level 11
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BIOS 4804 - Very High DPC Latency

Hi there,I have an Asus Rampage IV Forumla on BIOS 4804 I have been overclocking for a very long time, so I know its nothing with the overclock and I am leaning that its more to the BIOS having issues with DPC latency, but I am not entirely sure, I a...

need to ask a question about doing bios update

When I read this,Before using the new Intel 4th Gen Core processors, we suggest that you first update the BIOS using USB BIOS flashback, or download the BIOS updater for new Intel 4th Gen Core Processors and then update the BIOS using it.So if I'm re...

software compatibility (aida64 and ai suite 3)

I am not sure where to post this but since new MB have new software here it isI just want to know if there are conflicts between the two? already installed ai suite 3 but i want to install aida64 at the same time for monitoring purposes like CPU mete...

Bott With any key pressed.

Hello, Last 2 weeks i got this MB. Rampage IV Black Edition (Completely New)I have studied about the configurations, anyways i got a Little problema. When i turn off the MB (from bios) then i press any key, the system turns on again. I have a PS2 key...

Max2014 by Level 7
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R III Gene/Windows 8.1/Bios Flash

MY M6F board is being set out for an RMA, so I installed my old Rampage III Gene board and chip in my computer, its running Windows 8.1. I have 12 GB ram installed but W8 is only showing 8GB, I have done the switching, using 2 or 3 sticks But it is s...

CPU LED, 00 Q-Code, about done with Asus boards

So, finally got in my new components (see other threads) as shown in my signature. Hook everything up, hit power, NOTHING! 00 Q-code, CPU LED lit red. I am beyond frustrated at this point, and so far past the due date to have this computer running I ...

Maximus 6 formula - tv issue

Hi all,First post here and hopefully you guys can help me out.Here's my set upLG 32LN5700 (smart led TV)Maximus VI formulaPowerColor r9-290 PCS+ (connected via hdmi-hdmi)i7 4770KSamsung ddr3 12800 8g x2English is not my native language, hope you unde...