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Maximus VI Hero - New Build - No Video

EDIT: Problem Solved (See Posts Below)I just build a new PC and with just bare bones installed I cannot for the life of me get it to show any video on my monitor. I have updated the BIOS to the most recent, and back tracked 3 more just to see if it...

Cannot get 2x8 trident to run dual channel

V Formula Z (1901)Win7-64G.Skill Trident F3-2400 2x8gbFX-9370I think have tried every solution I could find previously posted in the forums.Windows will only recognize one stick -8GB (the other as "hardware reserved") although cpuid and aisuite show ...

BIOS 2002, now "Updating iROG firmware now" loop

So last night my ASUS utility notified me of a BIOS update, which I downloaded to a flash drive and installed through the BIOS. Now when my system reboots I get a message that says "Updating iROG firmware now, do not turn off" it finishes a couple s...

cota472 by Level 7
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MemTest86+ UEFI

Been having some really oddball crashes of late, just about always when system sitting there doing absolutely nothing so wanted to run MemTest86+ (Ver 5.01) and see if it was RAM.Used the USB Installer thingie allowing it to FAT32 format the drive. ...

Z87-pro qcode 53, memory initial error

Hello. When i restarted the pc right now it would not boot at all and i got qcode 53Which means memory initial error according to the manual. The dram led thingy also is lit.I have tried to reset cmos many times, i have tried to use only one ram stic...

randome by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero Power on and off cycle

Hi everyone,I am a relatively inexperienced PC builder. I have been using my newer PC for about a month, when I became frustrated that the date/time was not working. Without coming here first, I found a google link that advised updating my BIOS. I in...

RlVBE New Build, New To UEFI. Few (?)s

Doing my first 2011 build and decided to use a RlVBE. This is my first Asus board in probably 12 years but I wanted the best Anyways, I'm totally new to UEFI and have been reading everything I come across. I am going to finish the build tomorrow and...