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Clear Event Log, no operating system or hard drive present

PRIME Q370M-C  ;  board , Ram, CPU and fan, with powr supply.  NO hard drive.Flashed Bios to current bios release.   Went into bios to set defaults , checked Event Log,and its still listing events from 2018 ?   Without an operating system, how do I c...

Apex z790 DIMM B No display No boot

Hey friends,Here is my specs:Z790 apex, 13900 (not K series), z5 Gskill 6400 cl 32 2x32 (white), 4070 ti, snx850 4tb sdd, corsair 850 gold psuI have an issue where I can't get Dimm slot B to boot or show display with this ram, despite it being on the...

Zallgod by Level 7
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Rampage III Formula possible boot problem

Hey, I hope this is the right place to post this. I have a computer with a Rampage III Formula motherboard, Intel Core i7 950 CPU, 6gb of ram. Everything on this machine has worked perfect until tonight. When I turned my computer on it went through t...

jrl3001 by Level 7
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Dual Graphics Question

I'll start off by posting my current setup:- Asus Crossblade Ranger Motherboard- AMD A10-7850K Kaveri APU, Stock CPU Cooler, OC'd to 4.1Ghz- 24GB AMD Radeon R9 Gamer Series RAM (2 x 4GB, 2 x 8GB) DDR3 2400 (PC19200)- XFX HD 7770 Black Edition- Dual D...

My pc crashing

Hello everyone, i have problem to my pc,when i want start i click startup button, after when i see motherboard logo(asus) is crashed and then automatically restarting and restarting. I do not know what can i do…i have i3 9100f rx580 armor 4gb h310 m-...