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Hero Locking up

After months of trying to troubleshoot this locking up, I still can't find what the cause is. I have replaced memory I have replaced the PUSI have replaced the GUPI have new SSD Even replace the PUS cablesMy next guess would be the board or the CPU....

ewind by Level 10
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Maximus V Extreme sticky i/o back buttons

HelloAfter a brief struggle fitting the little wires on the wifi card and feeding the aerial cable through the i/o panel i finally got the maximus v extreme motherboard fitted in my obsidian 750d case . All was ok until i noticed that when pressed ...

aeneon by Level 7
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Offset vs Manual voltage setting

Hey guys, I don't understand the difference between these two settings. What are the advantages of one verses the other?My 8350 is currently at 4.92 ghz 1.47v, llc set to ultra high ( 1.488v) all set manully.

Hero VI Mb temp. RAISES as read fan spins up !!!

Hi all, as per title, i must be making something extremly wrong with my setup....my mb temp in idle, AI Suite 3 SW, is about 32 C°, with the rear-top fan stopped... as soon as i spin it up, MB temp raises up to 45 C° until about 60% of fan speed... t...

fab68 by Level 7
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Fast Boot mode functionality in BIOS and the Fast Boot buttons on a board…Me interests, in case of installation of OS they need to be exposed in the OFF mode?(Disable/Enable)?

Where are the guys from ASUS ?????

Hi,Is there some people by ASUS ?????It's 3 days now that i made a ticket and still no body. Hey guys !!!!!! I am here with 2 RAMPAGE 4 EXTR NOT WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am really pissed off

doncker by Level 7
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