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Maximus Formula VI Availability?

Im in Australia, and trying to get a hold of a Formula VI is proving to be quite difficult. Most stores are out of stock, or are no longer even listing the item. One retailer said it was end of line, to be replaced in April. Does anyone know anything...

RlVBE VCore (?)

Am I correct in believing that when vcore is manually set, it stays at that setting even when downclocking when not under load?I am interested in finding the lowest stable vcore at stock setting. As of now, idle = .8v and loaded = 1.29v. Just looking...

Code 53

Ok I built a new rig and it was running perfectly fine. I installed Windows 7 and everything was fine. I had just about moved it into position at my desk when some fans I ordered showed up. I decided to go ahead and install those. Let me list my buil...

JPenn75 by Level 7
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Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 boots twice....

Hi all,Maybe one of you guys can help me out here are my specs: (its a new build btw)Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 MB (latest bios)AMD FX-9590 CPUCorsair TX850 PSUXFX R7 250 Core Edition Passive GPUKingston KHX 1600C9D3K4/8GX 1.65V (4 x 2 GB) RAMSamsung...

Asus V Extreme Offset Not working properly?

Hi I have an Asus V extreme and 3770k. I have found my 3770k to be stable at 1.280 Volts @4.6ghz using Manual voltage however I can not get the offset to work properly. The auto offset has my CPU boot at 1.480volts. So I go to offset mode put a "-" v...

Rampage IV Formula VRM overheating issue watercooling

Hello,I have a problem when using a H110 water cooler on top and use fans as push out. The VRM/Digi+ is overheating and crashing stability tests like Prime95.My 4930K is running at 4.5GHZ and 1.304V. Same setup with a Noctua air cooler results in NO ...

gronbek by Level 7
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asus crosshair v formula-z freezes !

Hello,just upgraded my comp with a Crosshair Z yesterday. Also bought a new 750w RM Corsair psu, with a new FX 9370. Formated my two Samsung SSDS and reinstalled windows 7. Without any issues. First it all went fine, After i installed GPU drivers/sou...