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Maximum VI extreme OC not showing in OS

Hi all. I have manually overclocked my Asus Extreme mbb with 4770K to 4.5GHz. However the overclock is not shown in the Windows OS (7 64 bit). When I run various utilities such as CPUz and increase my CPU load to 100% the max it goes to is 3.8GHz. Th...

GodAtum by Level 7
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R4BE not reading speed from EK-DDC pump

Can the R4BE read the speed from a fan connector with only 1 wire connected or does it expect some load on the first 2 pins? I added an EK-DDC pump to my system and the pump RPM always display 0. The pump is running fine taking power from a molex. I ...

Covered by warranty?

Hi, currently have a Crosshair V Formula-Z that caught on fire the other day. When I was looking through the warranty conditions, it said that it does not cover fire damage. Does this mean external fire damage, or damage caused by the motherboard its...

FX-9370 temperature and performance problems?

I'm running a FX-9370 at the stock 4.4 (Turbo disabled... We'll get to that) on a Formula-Z MB, with a Swiftech H-220 cooler. At idle the thing seems to be running at 42°C, and after less than a minute on Prime 95 it spikes to over 70°, at which poi...

Maximus Formula VI Availability?

Im in Australia, and trying to get a hold of a Formula VI is proving to be quite difficult. Most stores are out of stock, or are no longer even listing the item. One retailer said it was end of line, to be replaced in April. Does anyone know anything...

RlVBE VCore (?)

Am I correct in believing that when vcore is manually set, it stays at that setting even when downclocking when not under load?I am interested in finding the lowest stable vcore at stock setting. As of now, idle = .8v and loaded = 1.29v. Just looking...