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Maximus VI GENE issues

I've owned this motherboard since August or so in 2013, and has worked fine. However recently my PC decides to shut down and start up in a loop which I can't stop unless I unplug the power supply. After trouble shooting I thought it was the PSU, bou...

Maximus VI Extreme problem

Hi all im new to this forum so be gentle with me So maybe i just go straight to the poin.About week ago i bought maximus extreme vi got new intel i5 4570 new graphic card gtx650ti had my old psu ocz 1000w from my previuos pc so i though its good enou...

kanar by Level 7
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Maximus VI Gene No Sound from Front or Back

I recently purchased and built a computer using the Maximus VI Gene Motherboard. I have installed Windows 8 and I am currently have problems getting any sound to come out of the onboard sound from the jacks on the front and back of the machine. I h...

Asus Z87-A (Which chipset do I download) ?

The support site has two MEI files.1.) MEI Ver. (59,33MBytes) - 2013/10/11 update2.) MEI Ver. (59,33MBytes) - 2013/10/04 updateAs you can see they are the same size.However, #1 has a version number smaller than #2 but it was r...

usmc21 by Level 7
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Question about AMDA00 interface driver.

Hello,I ve recently build a rig with Maximus VI extreme , i7 4770k , 16GB 1866MHZ corsair dominator platinum ram, GTX 680 sLI, Samsung 840 as system drive , Samsung 830 for games and progs and ST1000DM003 HDD for data. The question is about AMDA00 in...

izajasz by Level 10
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Z87DD Post Problem

Hello,My configuration is:MSI Gaming N780 TF 3GD5/OCGSkill F3-1866C9D-16GSRAsus Z87 Deluxe DualCORSAIR AX series AX760 760W PlatinumBios 1802I have having problem will my memory dimm slots where memory will only work on Dimm_A2.When i put memory in D...

neoark by Level 8
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No USB's after windows boot

Hi,I'm currently having an issue with my Formula board.My build is:Maximus VI Formula boardI7 4770k16Gb of Corsair 1600Mhz Ram (strangle enough just running at 1333Mhz)ROG Raidr express PCIe ssd (240Gb)R9 280x Matrix PlatR9 280x Direct CU IIto start ...

Hero - boot shutdown + time clock error

HelloBefore I send my mobo to RMA, maybe you could have some advice for me.i7-4770k, Maximus VI Hero, latest BIOS as of April 8th (1402), r9 280 tri-x, stock settings in bios, never OC'd, Silverstone ST60P-F 600w...1) Mine shuts down a few seconds in...