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ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E GAMING Wi-Fi disconnects

Hi,the Wi-Fi driver spams the event log with the following types of messages:Netwtw08: 6062 - Lso was triggeredNetwtw08: 7003 - Roam CompleteNetwtw08: 7021 - Connection telemetry fields and analysis usageOn the "Lso was triggered" i experience a shor...

Laetus by Level 7
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New build, POST error a2

So I just received the last piece for a system I've built. Not my first time but this one is proving a bit tricky. I'm getting an A2 error, no beeps, my boot_device_led is staying on and I am able to get stuff on my monitor but the keyboard doesn't r...

Silly question: sata port numbering

in the double-stacked SATA ports, does numbering go top-bottom or bottom-top?|5---|3---|1---| |6---|4---|2---| =========== <- motherboardor|6---|4---|2---||5---|3---|1---|=========== <- motherboardIt's not really clear at a glan...

Sianmink by Level 7
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Crosshair VIII Hero - BIOS Confusion

Hi Guys,I recently updated my BIOS to Version 1001 to get AGESA ABBA. Now there is a new BIOS on the ASUS Website call 0901. When I tried to flash it I saw that the build date was 28th of August or smthg like that so basically older than 1001...

sabertooth x79 pci boot order

i have a asus sabertooth x79 motherboard and have a pci graphics card installed and want to put in a pcie card for virtualization use but when i do that it displays its video output to the pcie card. is there any way i can set it to output to the pci...

you2314 by Level 7
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Strix X470-F BIOS v.5216 Pop!_OS bug

So I updated my BIOS recently, because I was thinking about buying a Zen2 cpu, the thing is my popos installation started acting weird.To be more precise I get no output from my gpu seemingly at random and the signal might return or it might not.Afte...