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fan controller set to TURBO, fan not hitting max RPM

i got this little nice SP120 Corsair Fan to replace my stock cooling fans.BIOS detected, run some monitoring software to verify RPM speeds.it hits 1300 RPM max, but the specs shows 2350 RPM. went back to bios > fan controller, change standard to TURB...

pedenski by Level 7
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I turned on the desktop and got the q-code code 40. Researched and found that I have nothing to do. (use win 8.1).When you restart the PC now presents the LED A0 code.What should I do?

Jarbas by Level 7
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Moving to WC'ing

Quick question folks, going to be moving my Rig over to complete WC'ing....only my CPU presently under water but wany my SLi 780Ti under water as well.I'm going with Full EKWB's...now I want to keep my present PCIe Slot utilization of top Slot and th...

rjbarker by Level 11
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Maximum VI extreme OC not showing in OS

Hi all. I have manually overclocked my Asus Extreme mbb with 4770K to 4.5GHz. However the overclock is not shown in the Windows OS (7 64 bit). When I run various utilities such as CPUz and increase my CPU load to 100% the max it goes to is 3.8GHz. Th...

GodAtum by Level 7
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R4BE not reading speed from EK-DDC pump

Can the R4BE read the speed from a fan connector with only 1 wire connected or does it expect some load on the first 2 pins? I added an EK-DDC pump to my system and the pump RPM always display 0. The pump is running fine taking power from a molex. I ...

Covered by warranty?

Hi, currently have a Crosshair V Formula-Z that caught on fire the other day. When I was looking through the warranty conditions, it said that it does not cover fire damage. Does this mean external fire damage, or damage caused by the motherboard its...