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RlVBE - Voltage Monitoring App (?)

What app are you guys using to monitor voltages while overclocking and benching? I haven't installed AI Suite yet as I'm not familiar with it and don't think I'll need most of the options it provides, but does it contain the monitoring I'm looking fo...

Third board with more woes

Got the new board in and more wrinkles to iron out.1.... USB mouse and keyboard worked in bios but not in windows.2.....If I set ram to 2133 using AMP profile windows doean't see the sound card.3.....Can't crossfire two R929-DC2OC's without getting s...

Heini by Level 11
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Odd behaviour on DRAM speed

Hi all, i have 2x8gb g.skill tridentx 2666cl11, i4770 (non K), hero MB... if i set bclk to 104 and ddr3-2400, i go noticebly faster than ddr3-2666 (exactly same DRAM setings, XMP Profile 1).... 36.000 vs 27.000 on Aida64 memory read.... the same happ...

fab68 by Level 7
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USB very slow (3 Mb/s) transfert

hi, and thank's for this site to megahelping it's pricelessthe speed of transfert of my USB port (all), even the 3.0 are very slow. 3 Mb/s. i update my bios. i set the fullspeed for the usb port in the bios. i install the update Windows 7 and add th...

couand1 by Level 7
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Trouble Getting RAM to 2133MHz on RIVE BE with a 4930k

Hello,I have been experiencing random BSOD's when attempting to get my Corsair Dominator Platinum QVL verified RAM to run at advertised speed of 2133MHz. I have 4 8GB sticks running in quad channel config. My PSU is a Corsair ax1200i, and my cpu is...

riesscar by Level 10
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Crosshair V Formula Z, BIOS Problem,I need help!

I have just finished a new build and have been trying to configure the latest Bios update. After checking it out and doing a little tweaking, when I rebooted after accepting the changes it came up a request to enter a DVD in the correct drive to cont...

New pc build- q-code ae. No post.

First things first.SPECS:1 x Thermaltake Level 10 GT (VN10001W2N) Black SECC / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case with Four Fans-1x 200mm Colorshift 1 x ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition LGA 2011 Intel X79 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Extended ATX Intel Motherbo...

RlBE Offset OC (?)

So, I'm feeling out my chip right now by using the "offset" method of overclocking. I am currently using negative offset and was wondering if when you put in a value, if that value is compounded each time you change it or is there a set value that th...