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Please Help Rampage IV Extreme PCH Fan stuck 5898 rpm

Please Help ASUS Rampage IV Extreme PCH Fan stuck 5898 rpmI have tried everythingTried two different Bios Versions, Currently on 4802 bios have also tried 4804Running ASUS AI Suite II 2.04.01The Monitoring sensor reads PCH Fan around 5888rpm which is...

Holden by Level 7
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USB Controllers + Multiple Webcams

Hi,I was wondering how many webcams could I hook up to the various motherboards? Due to USB 2.0 bandwith you can only use 2x HD webcams on a single controller. I can't see anywhere that lists how many controllers (not ports) are available on each boa...

Jon-B by Level 7
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MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z/GEN3 - Need some guidance

Hello everyoneMy hobby is Flight Simulation and lately I have been having some stackhash crashes when using Flight Simulator X.A member of one of the simulator forums told me that he had a similar issue and was resolved when he set up the correct val...

Asus Maximum Formula V Anti-Surge and Reboots

Hi all,FIrst post here, looking forward to hearing some wise advice.My computer has been a punk for the last 3 weeks. It began with the computer randomly rebooting. Happened in Assassins Creed IV first with an adjusted 5% increase in the GPU output t...

M6F - Corsair Memory (XMP) problems

So I built a new PC last month and currently have 4 sticks of Corsair vengeance pro installed (CMY8GX3M2A2400C11R) It seems like every time i enable xmp (everything else at optimized defaults) the machine feels unstable, I can't get through one succe...

Z97 Deluxe problem

I have just upgraded from the Z87 to the Z97 Deluxe. My problem is with my Razer Death Adder mouse which has always been fine, but since the upgrade the Synapse software doesn't recognise it. The message says "Please connect a Razer Synapse 2.0 enabl...

Offset OC with Asus rampage IV Gene [Solved]

Hi all, I have three rampage iv gene mobos as part of a rendering farm. I would like to overclock them but I have a bit of a nightmare with offset settings. I want a 24/7 overclock with speedstep power savings. The mobos have bios 4804A 3930k ...

Rampage IV Gene fan control problem

I'm attempting to control a non pwm fan (Gentle Typhoon AP-15) with the cpu_fan header and it just runs at full bore, completely ignoring both the silent bios settings and FAN Xpert. Am I missing something? I got it to work for the Chassis Fan header...

Computer Shuts down under load.

So I just rebuilt my PC using a Maximus V Formula board with a 3570K and 2x 680s. Today I was trying to run a benchmark (3dMark 11) and when it got most of the way through the computer shuts down. I am unable to restart the computer without letting...

kwelz by Level 7
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