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ROG Strix X570-E & 3800x - Boost Speed Issues

Morning,Is anyone running the above mentioned combination encountering issues reaching their maximum boost speeds? Perhaps I'm betting a bit petty here, but for single core speeds, the highest i've seen is 4460 running Cinebench R20. For all cores, I...

Maximus VI Gene Bios Hour time resets only

Hope someone can help me. I pulled out my old Maximus VI Gene and put together a new rig that will be my unRaid server. The BIOS battery was dead so I replaced it and everything is working fine but the HOUR time on the BIOS always resets to 00 (minut...

z0ki by Level 10
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Open letter to ASUS Crew ! Please answer to us!

Look at budget H110M-K, 5 years support!!! MAXIMUS VIII?! 2 YEARS?!https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/H1...Desk_Download/Lots of newer updates to drivers and BIOS - many dated 2019.... MAXIMUS VIII last updates dated 2017 (BIOS 2018) !!!!!!!!!!H110M-K...

Need ASUS P8B75-V Dual BIOB-please help

ASUS P8B75-V Dual BIOB,2 BIOS chip.The left BIOS chip can be flashed with .cap file provided in ASUS support downloads.The right BIOS chip can't.not left one,right one.please PM me for link or Email me 087065@gmail.com

Maximus IX Hero USB 2.0 ports

Hi,I have the above mainboard and recently noticed that one of the two USB 2.0 ports in my Fractal R6 is not working. I found some information that this is normal behavior as the USB 2.0 is shared with the ROG EXT port.Can somebody confirm this or is...

borisvp by Level 7
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Ram Not Performing as it Should...

Hi there guys and gurus, I hope you can help me, I have 64gb if Corsair Vegence RGB Pro ram that says it clocks in at 3200ghz, but if I try even to go up to 3000ghz, my system becomes unstable and crashes on me.Do you have any ideas what could be to ...