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Problem with Asus and Realtek sound on Impact

So I had the sound go out on my Impact board randomly. I call tech support and they said that it was either the hardware of the motherboard or the sound card. So the RMA being garbage, I just bought a new board. Inteled it today everything working fi...

ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS - Nvidia Surround

I have 2 GTX 670 DC2T and I remember when I tried to set up these cards in slot 1 and slot 5. It boots up and everything. All seems fine but, SLI cannot be enabled for anything but "Maximize 3D performance". I believe this may be cause by the PCIe s...

JaysonL by Level 7
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M6F Fan Headers

Hi all,After perusing some threads regarding Fan Xpert2, it seems like most of the fan headers on the Extreme are not "true" PWM headers and cannot fully control 4 pin fans. Is the same true for the Formula?On the product page, it lists the motherboa...

Elements by Level 7
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Some questions about RIVE (not black ediition)

I currently have:3939kRIVE (not black edition) with BIOS version 3404Should i flash BIOS to the newest version before IVB-E was introduced ? (BIOS version 4206)How does this motherboard work good with Win8/8.1 ?

Orici by Level 7
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rampage iv driver install order

hello can some one please let me know the best order for installing the drivers for the rampage iv red. like intel chipset , realtek , IRST , intelME . amd CCC , just want to know if there's a right order to install things?forgot to say its for windo...

Debug error 38 // Please help.

Hello there guys, im sorry if i made post in wrong place and stuff. Im tottaly new and need serious help with my PC.I have knocked my PC with my foot -NOT STRONG. And after that my PC cant boot and im getting "38" on my motherboard's LCD.What can i d...

Plz help me VII hero stuck at rebooting POST code 78

Guys plz help me on this. My board is Maximus vii hero. I'm pretty sure I did everything right for flashback bios updating. After this I restart PC but it kept rebooting last POST code was 78. I've tried unplugged everything and CMOS and it didn't wo...

Time To RMA? RlVE Dimm Slot Dead

Been using this board for around a year or so and as of lately started noticing some oddities and random issues. I ran the usual virus/Malware scans which turned up nothing. I just happened to check the task manager and noticed that there was only 12...