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x67 maximus upgrade choices

ok so I have an x67 maximus gene-z gen 3, I built with quality parts of the day. Its served me well until I put in an evga 780. It would skip bios and go straight to windows 8. I tried upgrading bios which just ended up removing some options, I m...

kizh by Level 7
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maximus gene v , q code a2 and no display

HiHit this problem yesterday, computer suddenly switched off and when tried to power on again i get as far asthe rog screen (press f2 or delete to enter bios) when i do that the screen goes blank for about 10 secondsthen it says no signal detected,if...

RAID lost after BIOS update

Hi,I am NOT a gamer, but I have the following:Rampage IV Black EditionIntel i7-4930K CPU64GB DDR3 1600 RAM1 X Samsung EVO 500GB SSD (OS drive)1 X Samsung EVO 250GB SSD (VHD drive)4 X 2TB Westies in a RAID5 configuration giving 5.4TB of HDD (DATA driv...

PCH Temps on Maximus VII Hero

I can't seem to be able to find an option for monitoring PCH Temps on this model. The MVI Hero had this option and the Z97 Deluxe has this option but I can't find on the MVII Hero with Aida64 or HWinfo. Any ideas?

Feklar by Level 8
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Asus rampage IV extreme no arranca!! ayuda plisss!!

Estimados amigos junto con saludarles les comento que me monte una plataforma nueva asus rampage IV extreme, i74930k, 16 GB corsair vengance 1600, psu thermaltake tr2 750 watts, sistema ful watercoolin.y resulta que estaba todo funcionando bien sin p...

RivBE - Shut Down from Win7 Fails?

Hi all...A question: Occasionally when I shut down my system from Windows 7 (64bit) it goes through all the shut-down motions to the point that the monitors are off, etc. and then tries to re-start instead of shutting down fully. The re-start actuall...

RobSys by Level 7
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Corsair DDR3 2400 32GB (4x8)

I just bought the Rampage IV Black Edition and Corsair DDR3 2400 32GB(4x8) modules for it, but the MB is only reading 16. Can anyone help me out for it to read it all?Thanks,

vmmj1979 by Level 7
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Maximus VI Gene w/SLI clearance issues

As stated in the title, I am havimg issues with clearance with my SLI setup. I have 2 Asus DirectCU ii 780 ti in sli. The problem is that the cards are touching, which is creating heat problems with the upper card. I wedged in a bit of a spacer, so ...

Maximus VI Impact - "00" code.

Hi guys, Im getting sick of my PC.I Built a gaiming rig that lasted for only 3 days. It worked perfectly for 3 days, and then the pc started to freeze and I got big delays when I tried to get into bios. Then I saw that the board gave me an 00 code. I...

Impact A2 code and more problems!

Ok so currently this is happening:With only the impact mb, a 4770k, 1 stick of 16gb 1866 ram, and the h100i, a 256gb sx900 ,and a RM650; When I power on it will power up until it hits 79 on the qcode then flash 00, and proceeds to power off. After ab...