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Asus Maximus VII Ranger installation issue

Come on . It was time to upgrade to a little more than 3, 5 years old computer with newer components. A lot of parts i would not have had to change. Graphics card had already been updated a couple of months ago. I would take memory modules, power sup...

MVG mSATA SSD on combo card - NEED HELP ASAP

Hello,I need help with my MPCIE combo card. How do you run this on SATA 3? It's bottlenecking the speedsbut then I see a review from legit review being able to run it on SATA3 using the same board, Maximus V Gene, and same processor.What am I doing w...

Asus Maximus VI Hero Fan Headers Max Wattage

Hi,I bought a Maximus VI hero board today. In the manual only the CPU fan header has its max wattage of 1A(12W) specified. Are the other fan headers the same? I have 3 Silverstone AP 182 fans ~1.8A (15W). Will the motherboard be able to power these?

Rookie by Level 7
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ASUS Maximus VI Gene q code 53

Hello!Currently struggling with my set up... second build I've done, first went without a hitch but this one has been a nightmare.Firstly had a 00 q code error which was resolved when I discovered I had a dud CPU. Replaced that and now have a q code ...

Maximums VI Impact broken/warranty

Hi guys,I want to start off by saying if this is the wrong place to post this message, I apologise as I've searched everywhere and couldn't find an answer.I bought the VI Impact a couple months ago, building a completely new system. I bought the moth...

BrianJC by Level 7
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Maximus V Extreme 4x SSD RAID 0

Hi folks,I would like to upgrade my current motherboard to Maximus V Extreme and create 4 x 120GB SSD RAID0 (SATA-III 6Gb/s).Can you please let me know is Maximus V Extreme supports 4 x 120GB SSD (SATA-III 6Gb/s) in RAID0 mode?Thanks!

TorwaK by Level 7
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Questions (retired) [updated in new thread]

oops title typo, meant z97 boards. Well I found what I was looking for and its what I have. Someone kick intel in the rear and make em stop working on graphics and back to stuff we can use so I can upgrade.Started a new thread: http://rog.asus.com...

kizh by Level 7
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x67 maximus upgrade choices

ok so I have an x67 maximus gene-z gen 3, I built with quality parts of the day. Its served me well until I put in an evga 780. It would skip bios and go straight to windows 8. I tried upgrading bios which just ended up removing some options, I m...

kizh by Level 7
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maximus gene v , q code a2 and no display

HiHit this problem yesterday, computer suddenly switched off and when tried to power on again i get as far asthe rog screen (press f2 or delete to enter bios) when i do that the screen goes blank for about 10 secondsthen it says no signal detected,if...