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Double start from Coldsart?

Hey all just wondering about the double start i get after being disconnected from the mains overnight, I shut it all down at nights, Pressing the power button in the morning the PC will start then shut down, start again then shut down start again and...

zimzoid by Level 10
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How to setup UEFI - BIOS for native UEFI bootloader

Hi I need some help setting up the UEFI bootloader.I have the following system:Asus Maximus VI Formula, Intel Core i7 4770K, Evga Geforce GT 780Ti, Corsair AX 860i.Asus ( External) Blueray Optical Drive BW-12D1S-UCorsair Vengeance Pro Ram 2x8 Gb 2...

Geforce by Level 7
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PRAZ ,more help with CSM -UEFI bootloader

From Yesterday UEFI bootloader- CSMHi Praz, I have disabled the CSM and I now have UEFI tab on my OD as the boot priority . Thats fine, I also changed my Sata port connection from port 5 to 1 for my SSD which I was told was better. However now in EA...

Geforce by Level 7
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Impact Grahic issues

Hi everyone, im new on this forum as well with this board, i have a problem and maybe u can help me please. I tried to build the computer without a case, everything is plugged on, when i start it, it does not beep, is it obvious because no case? also...

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Asus rampage IV extreme (black) - boot problem

Hello all,I have a problem with starting up windows from my SSD. I have a new PC and installed windows 8.1 from a USB on the SSD (EVO 840 250gb). When I startup my computer, I see the republic of gamers screen and it asks me to press delete or F2 to ...

Draakjuh by Level 7
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SSD suggestion.Not urgent.

With a few words.if someone is kind enough to offer me some trustworthy models(or just manufacturers) because I remember there was a compatibility issue with sandforce controllers.I have a hero VI with 4770k.I can see that there are new sandforce con...

Zennith by Level 7
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PCIe ports/M.2 port lanes usage

Hi I'm opening this thread to catch a bit more attention on my question, since the answer will make me buy a Z97 ASUS board or no board at all.It may be a bit too early to be able to answer it, but I wonder if I could plan to use two M.2 PCIe 2.0 x2 ...

RIVBE Bluetooth constantly restarting?

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this issue, but my RIVBE seems to have a strange problem with the onboard bluetooth constantly resetting itself at random intervals which plays the add/remove hardware sound, and pops up "configuring bluetoo...

Jytra by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula - Z lights up but computer does not start

Hello,I am new to these forums and as I cannot contact Asus until monday I thought I'd try my luck here and see if I can get any feedback with my current Issue. The problem that I am facing is that My newly built computer will not start up at all, Th...

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FalconZ by Level 7
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VRM noise "coil whine" under load (Maximus VII Hero)

Greetings!Today I noticed an annoying whine while running stability tests on my 4670K, and made a cardboard tube to locate it. It turned out to be originating from the VRM (below the large heatsink right next to the IO connectors). I tried a differen...

niczo by Level 7
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