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Rog strix z370-h

Hi guys,I've built this PC on Jan/18 and have been using it ever since, it was running flawless, but since jan/2020 I'm getting random freezes every day.It freezes for like 5 seconds, with a loud buzzing sound, and then it works again. I don't need t...

Rampage V Extreme - Anyone experience this?

Greetings!I have used this build since Aug 2016 and it's been solid. Recently and randomly, the computer shuts itself down. When I power it back up, I get this error;CPU Fan speed error detected.Ensure to install the CPU fan properly on to the CPU_...

ASUS X79 Deluxe and NVMe

Hello all,I need to buy a new SSD, but the rest of my comp is doing OK. As a result I'm looking for the best bang for my buck with what I already have; the ASUS X79 Deluxe has been a rock for me (thanks, ASUS!) and I'm looking to pair a NVMe SSD with...

Eredyn by Level 7
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x570 tuf gaming plus wifi squeaks..

i built this system around Christmas last year and its been pretty good.. altho in the last couple weeks i noticed a squeaking noise coming from the board.. i think its the ethernet chip or something in that area.. its most annoying.is this normal?

Asus Prime z390-A very slow to boot

Hi there,I have a new build PC:i7-8700Asus Prime z390-AGeforce RTX 20808Gb ram2TB M2The computer runs fine when the OS (Ubuntu 18.04) starts but the bios takes an circa 90s every time.My colleague has the exact same spec but his loads in under 10s!I ...

Bazman by Level 7
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Is my Z-97 A bad?

Greetings, I have an Asus Z97A motherboard and I'm trying to ascertain if it's the cause of my GPU issues. Over the past five years or so I've had three graphics cards die while plugged in to this motherboard. 2 x EVGA 980ti's and, most recently, an ...

ryzen 3600 on x370-f strix Motherboard voltage

Hello, I'll start saying sorry for my english Anyway, brand new ryzen 5 3600, coming from 2600.I've got a custom loop with double rads, one 360 and one 240. 1070ti also liquid-cooled.My 2600 was running happily at 4.15 with 1.38-1.39 vcore. Idle temp...

X370 - ASUS Open Letter

To whom it may concern,The ROG STRIX X370-F GAMING motherboard is "Ryzen 3000 Desktop ready" the problem is the current posted BIOS revisions of it have not been updated by ASUS to reflect counterparts nor all of the X470 and X570 motherboards.The RO...

ksosx86 by Level 7
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strix x570i dram voltage limit

I plopped a 3400G onto a strix x570i and AI tweaker won't let me set the DRAM voltage past 1.35v. (I'm not even talking about booting with it—it literally won't let me set a value above 1.35) Is this expected behavior or is there something I'm overlo...