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Maximus VI Hero Flashback error

Hi,I recently tried to update my Bios and I did it in my OS screen with the official Asus bios updater. It successfuly completed and after I rebooted my computer for the update my screen wasn't showing anything. However, I think that the computer sti...

Forza by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula Z FF Code

Hey guys, just made an account to post :cool:Ughh, I built a new PC a few days ago and it's been working so far, but I've done something :sSpecs:Crosshair V Formula Z 9590Corsair H80R9 290XKingston Beast 8GBPSU: Silverpower 750wIt was working for the...

Sc00tty by Level 7
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Ram Config Inquiry

Hello, I'll start off by saying I've always been a big fan of ASUS, especially the motherboards.My problem is I just built a new rig running an AMD 9590 CPU on the Asus Crosshair V Formula Z mobo. It was great initially for the price to speed ratio,...

SupremeFX Impact: Multiple Outputs?

Hello all,I am shopping so very hard for a new upgrade, because I am still using an i7-875k from 2010! I think I want to try out this mini-ITX thing and pick up a Maximus VI Impact, but I have been spoiled by my Asus Xonar Xense for some time and wou...

neadlak by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula z Pci e malfunction (no power)

Hello guys i'm new to this forum and if i posted this on the wrong thread please forgive me anyways.. I have some weird issues with the pci express on my asus crosshair formula z motherboard. The the power on the pci e suddenly drops and the graphic ...

New Case, BETTER Temps!

Hi Community!,I just switched from a Corsair 600T White Graphite Edition case, to a new NZXT H440 Red/Black case. Who would have known that I could have brought my temps down a whole 10C from where I was. That's just the beginning. Here is where ...

38120 38121

does not find my graphics card

I have put in a sapphire vapour x in the first slot and it is in. Because the boost light works even with no power connections. Tried everything, I may have to return the card if it is faulty.

Upgraded my computer, can't properly boot anymore.

So, as the title describes, I cannot boot up my system properly. This happened after I decided to upgrade my CPU and MOBO.Here is my setup:CPU: Intel 4930k 6-Core 3.4GhzLink: http://ark.intel.com/products/77780MOBO: ASUS Rampage IV GeneBIOS Version: ...

Ryolitt by Level 7
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OC and Advise Please!

I'm trying to OC my system stable to 4600mhz.I've set multi to x46 and RAM to default at 1333mhz to get my CPU stable at 4600.Just so i could find out the voltage needed for the cpu at 4600.I have now managed to get the cpu stable at 4600 with 1.312 ...

nerius by Level 7
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