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BIOS update issues!

Hello. Ive tried to update the BIOS on my Maximus VII Gene mobo using EZflash from within the BIOS itself. After rebooting, my PC screen came on and said "iROG1 is updating" etc and proceeded to update to %100. This took about 2 minutes.All is fine, ...

How long do you run Prime95 for and why?

I was looking online for how long to run Prime95 for and got too many mixed answer's. Some say as little as ten minutes and as high as 24hrs. Is it really necessary to run when OCing? Can someone give me a time frame and what test's to run in Prime95...

VI Formula, FanExpert2

Hi just installed AI Suite 3.I want to set up my Fans, ( to fast, to noisy ) I have a NXZT Switch 810 case, with 3 top exhaust fans, 2 bottom intake, 2 front intake, with a 3rd on the inside of the hard drives case, 1 back intake ( blowing over ...

Geforce by Level 7
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Gene-Z Debug Code 30

I am getting a debug code of 30 and it won't post. I am suspecting memory because when I remove the memory, I can get beep codes. 2GB, Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-17000 memory module Part Number: BL25664FN2139Module Size: 2GBPackage: Ballistix...

Maximus VI and pump won't boot up together

I recently finished assembling my custom water cooling loops and now my computer doesn't like me. I had ran the computer for approximately a month with the original stock coolers with no hiccups. ComponentsAsus Maximus VI FormulaIntel i7 4770KEVGA GT...

Sabertooth 990FX safe voltages question

HiIm oc-ing my cpu right nowi wonder what are max safe voltages for following things:NB Voltage (not cpu/nb)NB HT VoltageNB 1,8V Voltageand maybve ull know what is max safe voltage for cpu/nb on Phenom II 960T (Zosma)Thanks!

Filo1 by Level 7
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Hero debug code 99

current setupMaximus vii hero4770k16gb ramI already removed everything including the graphics card and I still can't get it to post. Please HELP

Power problem with my Maximus VI Formula

Hi guys, Will here. I'm having a problem with my ROG Maximus 6 Formula and its power connection.I have a corsair ATX1200i hooked up with all necessary cable connections. including the extra 4-pin and molex connectors. But for some reason no power. ex...