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Asus Crosshair V Formula Z -- No post/No Display

HelloMy machine has the following config ::Crosshair V formula Z boardFX8350 cpu8x2 DDR3 RAM (GTX 670 4GB GPU500W PSUEverything has been working perfectly fine since past year when I built this machine but recently I have been facing a weird issue. W...

[GENE] CPU_OPT Fan Header speed?

How is the CPU_OPT speed controlled on the VII Gene?Is it mirrored to to the CPU PWM speed?The problem is there is no CPU_OPT speed control option in the BIOS?I am wondering if I can plug my H90 pump into the CPU_OPT and my radiator fan into the CPU ...

Is this just another RMA New Build?

Hi all,I hoped we wouldn't meat like this:( Here I am though, and there you are, I hope better than me right at this moment at least with your PC?I will try to do this with the most pertinent info, as to weather or not I should RMA this Motherboard o...

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AiSuite III Sidebar

Hello,Is there a way to stop the AiSuite III sidebar from popping up? I'd like to use AiSuite III, but I don't need or want that little sidebar.Thanks!

Kwami by Level 7
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Should Watch Dogs play better on my setup?

I recently sought help via a post called What am I doing wrong? Memory running very slow. I couldn't get my system to run at the speeds it should. That problem is solved and now I have the system running at the expected speeds (see below).My new prob...

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Bibbit by Level 7
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Status Code A2

I've had a working build for about months now(finished it early January), but recently I've started having troubles with my motherboard. When I contacted Asus they said it was probably the CPU(it was tossing up a different error message every boot us...

Maximus VII Ranger Debug -

Hello everyone,This is my first post, and also my first build so please be gentle.I received and assembled all the necessary parts yesterday to boot my first build ever and unfortunately, the first boot did not go as expected. Here is the list of my ...

Barbu by Level 7
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