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Maximus VII Ranger - Debug code 40?

Hey.I've realised some pattern on my Maximus VII Rangers debug code and am wondering whether or not I should be worried.Basically - restarting, debug code A0 as normalShut down and cold boot - debug code 40.I am using windows 8.1 and believe it's som...

Faizy450 by Level 7
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Do I have another bad RIVE? Slowly dying?

Here are the issues I've encountered over the last several days.Issue #1: Turned on PC and within a few seconds I was prompted with a CPU Fan Alarm. Sure enough the Pump on my Eisberg 240L wasn't on. Turned off PC, waited, turned on and same issue. M...

jmike by Level 7
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Maximus VI (formula) with 4790 first run

what are the steps i need to take to install a 4790 on a VI formula motherboard for its first run? will it boot with the 4790 and allow me to update the bios or do i have to update the bios a different way?

What am I doing wrong? Memory running very slow

I have the Maximus VI GENE and DDR3 2400 G.Skill memory. The memory only runs at that speed with XMP enabled. I enable XMP and yet CPU-Z shows the speed as 667MHz. When in the BIOS it says the XMP settings will have it run with the proper timings, bu...

38184 38185
Bibbit by Level 7
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BIOS update issues!

Hello. Ive tried to update the BIOS on my Maximus VII Gene mobo using EZflash from within the BIOS itself. After rebooting, my PC screen came on and said "iROG1 is updating" etc and proceeded to update to %100. This took about 2 minutes.All is fine, ...

How long do you run Prime95 for and why?

I was looking online for how long to run Prime95 for and got too many mixed answer's. Some say as little as ten minutes and as high as 24hrs. Is it really necessary to run when OCing? Can someone give me a time frame and what test's to run in Prime95...

VI Formula, FanExpert2

Hi just installed AI Suite 3.I want to set up my Fans, ( to fast, to noisy ) I have a NXZT Switch 810 case, with 3 top exhaust fans, 2 bottom intake, 2 front intake, with a 3rd on the inside of the hard drives case, 1 back intake ( blowing over ...

Geforce by Level 7
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Gene-Z Debug Code 30

I am getting a debug code of 30 and it won't post. I am suspecting memory because when I remove the memory, I can get beep codes. 2GB, Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-17000 memory module Part Number: BL25664FN2139Module Size: 2GBPackage: Ballistix...