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8350 overclock to 5.2

please tell me who tried to reach 5.2 clock and what settings to what parameters must be raised in order to achieve stability in the system from the processor??? and is very different from setting formula formula z

A BIOS and DC related question

Hello! I know this question has probably been asked quite a bit but I'm only asking to double check as my case is a bit "special".I'm currently running the 4670k but I've got a 4790k laying here somewhere - now, I'm aware that I have to do a BIOS upd...

kamasc9 by Level 7
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AMDA00 Interface Driver issues

I've recently bought a new computer, and just did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I've been having some very aggravating issues with it and I believe they are linked to this driver.My keyboard continuously disconnects and reconnects cau...

Likelihood of Maximus VII support for NVMe

How likely is it that ASUS will release a UEFI update for the Maximus VII MBs that will support NVMe?The reason I ask is that I recently read this X-bit review of the Plextor M6e (the only PCIe M.2 card currently widely available), that had it laggi...

Hrafn by Level 7
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Low microphone audio on Impact and Formula VI

Just as the title says, my microphone always has very low volume regardless of being at 100%. I have to turn the boost up to +20db to be clearly audible. I've read reports on professional review sites stating the same issue I'm having. The volume wi...

EliteA1 by Level 7
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New Rampage build with random restarts.

So over the past 45 days I have had random restarts, sometimes once a day other times more spread out, I game with the machine regularly so it is under load alot in the evenings, but as you can see i have no distinct pattern.Here are the restarts, th...

TWulf by Level 7
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Fan Control for optional fans on Rampage IV Gene

I just did a Rampage IV Gene build with 5 PWM fans hooked up every header on the motherboard. I can see all the fan speeds in the sensor, but in FAN Xpert I can only see CPU Fan and Chassis Fan 1. I have another build with a Maximus V Gene setup in ...

Crosshair V Keyboard Issues

Hello Everyone;I am new to this forum and new to ROG as well. I'm looking forward to getting up to speed on all the latest things out there.I just purchased and installed the ASUS Crosshair V Formula. Installation was a bit tricky, but after some t...

Retired by Not applicable
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