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9590 Formula-Z---unable to even reach 5ghz

For such a mild overclock (basically what turbo is, but with all cores loaded rather than just 4), it seems rather strange that the system keeps hard locking or shutting off.Other issues: the cpu only very rarely touches 5ghz (with cpu-z) loading a s...

blppt by Level 7
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Hero UEFI BIOS Update - new vs old "4th gen" Intel i7

Hey all,With the new 1505 UEFI BIOS update released for the Hero VI, it says that one should run the BIOS Updater for new 4th gen Intel CPU's.Well, I have an i7-4770K which is 4th generation but is it NEW 4th gen or OLD 4th gen? In other words, must ...

GregH by Level 7
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Startup Issues - Rampage IV Black

Brand new build including:Asus Rampage IV Black EditionIntel i7-4930K Ivy-BridgeMushkin Enhanced Redline (4 x 8GB) DDR3 1866CORSAIR AX1200iPower-up cycles repeatedly with Q-Code 00 and solid red CPU_LED.I see quite a few posts on various web sites t...

AsMedia ports disk dissapearing

Hi,I had that problem on my older MB and now, after upgrade to Maximus VII Hero I have it again.I have 6 disks in my PC (4x HDD, 2x SSD) + DVD rom, so I have to use 7 sata ports, and the one disk thats in AsMedia port is just dissapearing from the sy...

Fan connections

On the Asus Maximus VI Formula MB, all the fan connectors are 4 pin connectors, but all of my fans have 3 pin connections. I had them all hooked into a fun controller, but decided why not just hook them up to the MB and see how this Asus software wo...

rolldog by Level 9
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Dimming LED Strip From RIVE-BE Fan Header

Hello,I own a RIVE-BE, and wanted to use a fan header to control my Darkside Dimmable LED strips. However, FanExpert does not read an rpm signal, and so doesn't offer an adjustment option for the fan channel. The LEDs connect via a 3-pin fan connec...

riesscar by Level 10
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