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Set Boot #1 to M.2 SSD [resolved]

bios has remembered the boot order and is bootng into windows fine now. I do not know how/why this has happened.Also, I noticed something strange in my boot order:computer turns on and shows ROG logo (with the option to pres del/f2)screen goes black...

nnenov by Level 7
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Freeze while in UEFI (Q-Fan Settings)

Hi everybod,at first, pls excuse my english Sometimes my System freeze while im setting up the UEFI especially the Q-Fan Settings (manuel). When edit the graph it sometimes freeze so i have to reset. Windows/Games etc are 100% stable without any prob...

Maximus Formula VI problem

Hi,The process is as follows, i cleaned installed windows 7 pro, then used the upgrade cd for windows 8. Then install all the drivers of the board. The computer says encounters a problem while loading windows... restore point brings back to before.No...

Ledya by Level 7
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Asus Maximus Vi Hero - Memory problem

Hi,I have 4 memory sticks (RAM) which I have bought separately (2 in 1 pack and 2 in the other) but they will not work together on my Asus Maximus Vi Hero motherboard. The memory sticks are as follow:* 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM sticks (CMZ16GX3M2...

Forza by Level 7
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New ASUS AI Suite III!

New version of AI Suite III, but the download is only 1.9MB!?! I downloaded and tried to install but received an error, obviously the package is broken, it should be much larger than that...wonder what happened, and if ASUS us aware of it...Here is t...

Scorpion by Level 8
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Hot Smell from (eatx12v) Maximus Ranger VII

Hello everyone, i'm here to find some helps to my problem.So here my configuration : CPU : i7-4790 (clock to 4.2ghz)MB : Asus Maximus Ranger VIIRAM : 2x G-Skill Rip-Jaws 4Go CL9 1600MhzGraphic : SLI Evga GTX 470PSU : Corsair RM8502 HDD & 2 Optical Dr...

Lyndis by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula-z + FX-9590, APM Question.

Now I know APM's job is to allow the processor to boost and throttle cores based on utilization and a few other factors one of them being heat.I have a FX-9590 with turbo on and APM on auto and I noticed that while running a prime95 blended torture t...

[RIVBE] Unknown USB Device (Error 43)

My brand new Rampage IV Black Edition shows some strange behavior: My computer notifies me about an error regarding an "Unknown USB Device". In Device Manager it is listed as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)". No hardware ids or...

zitrone by Level 7
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System freezes

Hey,I have been trying to find out what is causing my system crashes lately, and this motherboard is doing some really crazy things. I got tired of blowing up power supplies (cause I went through 6, 1000 watt ones) so I finally knuckled under and got...

Fenrir by Level 7
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Maximus VI Hero Flashback error

Hi,I recently tried to update my Bios and I did it in my OS screen with the official Asus bios updater. It successfuly completed and after I rebooted my computer for the update my screen wasn't showing anything. However, I think that the computer sti...

Forza by Level 7
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