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Z97-A, USB3 Port Not Recog' my USB3 Thumb Drive

when i place the USB thumb drive in the USB2 port then it gets recognized, but inserting it to the blue USB3 port, show nothing (in all of them).if i inser a USB2 Thumb drive in the USB3 Port then its working.only The USB3 inside the USB3 not working...

Koolance water cooling setup on Maiximus Hero VI

I am setting up my Koolance water cooling setup I have a water block on the CPU 4770k and 2 water blocks on my Vid card GTX 770 in a SLi config. I am getting a CPU fan error because I don't have one plugged in because i don't need one with this setu...

tjwhite by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme Right side RAM slots dead?

Hi,I have just noticed that my system is only showing 8gb of my 16gb total RAM. CPUZ shows the same. I then went into the BIOS to the PCIE/DIMM POST screen and it only showed that ram in the slots to the left of the cpu are detected, however there is...

Kestiel by Level 7
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Problems with some newer BIOS revisions R4E

Ive noticed that with the more recent bios versions the PCH fan does not run at all. it does not seem to matter how i load my system that fan simply does not run. going in to the bios i can fix this but it occurs to me that there may be a reason wh...

mark4 by Level 7
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Undocumented Qcode FE

Hello RoG community!Just got a new rig with my first RoG mobo (maximus vii ranger) after my last mobo decided to quit functioning. I hooked everything up and fired it up. However after qcode "15", "pre-memory system agent initialization is started" i...

Z97 vs. X99

Anyone with any idea how these 2 will match up? Of course, there are no benchmarks yet, but I am wondering about waiting for x99 platform with a 5960x vs. the 4790k with a M7F. Early specs on the 5960x suggest 3.0GHz, so I am wondering about performa...

Hopper64 by Level 15
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Problem with bclk OC R4G (Multiplier drop)

Im overclocking my 3960x and Rampage Gene IV.Im trying a bclk OC now that i have a 99Mhz x48 for 4.75Ghz stable.So the current settings are x37 and 129Mhz blck for 4.77Ghz. I have all C States off, 1.38v Vcore, 1.15 VCCSA 1.1 VTT and 1.65v PLL.Ram is...

How to setup Hero VII SLI

Maximus VII Heroi7-4790k 4.8ghz2 - ASUS GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 ASUS PB278Q MonitorCorsair 760T, H105, AX860, 16gb VengeanceSamsung 840 256gb, Intel Black 2tbThe system is running with no issues on one of the 770'sI've never setup SLI and the manual says n...

GpaLee by Level 7
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Sudden GPU issues with ASUS GENE VII

I bought a GENE VII on release and it's worked fine up until this week. Whatever GPU I stick into it (tested with a 660 and 770) I have started getting crashes after periods of gaming. I initially thought it was the GTX 770 however both the 770 and t...

Jawline by Level 7
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VI Impact no post power cycle

I've just built 2 of these system fo myself and my brothermines fine but my brothers one wont power on the fans start for a second then it shuts down then it starts again and shuts down and so oni get a 00 on the error display but i think thats becau...

Ratty by Level 7
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