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Maximus VII Hero & Code 00

Hello,I upgraded my system a few weeks ago with Maximus VII Hero, Intel i7 4790K and new RAM and have been running this system since then. It has ran mostly well (2 times I had my PC get jammed; first the sounds went blurry and the PC slowed down to ...

Tahur by Level 7
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Motherboard Wont Post ROG Strix B550-F

Hello all, I recently bought a ROG Strix B550-F gaming motherboard. I'm still waiting on the Ryzen processor to show up so I thought I'd get it hooked up and put some RAM in to see if it would at least POST. When I hooked up all the power and case ca...

New PC wont boot

Hi all.I'm repairing a PC I built for my father in law a few years ago. He took it apart fir cleaning and bent the cpu pins. Don't ask, idk why he thought removing the cpu was part of a routine dusting. Anyway... I upgraded the ryzen 5 2600x to a ryz...


windows 7 will not boot but other OS does

I formatted my computer for a fresh window 7 install but the problem I am having is that it will not start. I am not sure if its a hardware problem because I am able to start window vista without any problem. I have try using the windows repair start...

Maximus VI Formula booting slow.

Hi. It’s old, I know.Reinstalling Win 10 on my PC. I have 4 HDD’s and 5 SSD’s, I know it is the reason why my boot time from “Turn On to Windows startup” is so slow, I mean incredibly slow. I believe it is the SSD’s that are the reason. Boot drive is...

P8Z68-v pro/gen3 bios dump

Hi,Need bios dump (bios bin) for P8Z68-v pro/gen3, Bios is corrupted and missing parameters for Turbo ratio, internal overclock PLL, any update can't help. I saw that problem on many boards with suffix GEN3, sometimes it can be fixed, sometimes not. ...

Bata_st by Level 7
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