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reboot the PC

Good afternoon Prompt formula motherboard, overclocking RAM to 2000 - 2133 PC reboots due to the voltage drop of RAM how to deal with this problem?? the system is stable when overclocking passes all tests but on a daily basis can not work

Rampage 4 BE - error 34 and VGA LED lit + boot device LED lit

so system was working fine till this morning, booted up fine, started up watchdogs after about 10 seconds of gaming screen wentblack and now stays black. After having a look inside i see that error code 34 is displayed and 2 of the small LED lights n...

Ledge by Level 7
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intel hd 4000 issue

i have a asus maximus V gene with a intel i5-3570K.i also have a evga geforce 8800GT.windows update installed the driver and then my screen went black. i had to restart in safe mode and disable intel hd graphics 4000. my displayport to dvi cable neve...

GPU (Mobo) problem.

Greetings ROG'ers,I have a problem with well I don't realy know with what. Today I started up my PC and suddenly 1 of my 3 monitors stays black. So I checked my corsair link and theres missing 1 of my 3 GPU's. I also checked my system and it only sh...

4790k on Maximus VI hero voltage and temp problems Plz HELP!!

Just installed new 4790k last night and it's running great it's runs stable 4.4ghz at manually keyed in 1.1volts witch seems low to me. coming form a 4670k that ran 4.4@1.21volts. Temps are also strange on the 4790k 4.4@1.1volts in prime are hitting ...

drail636 by Level 7
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Rampage iv extreme ram ram ram :/

hi my 2. thread for ram :mad:i dont know why fail?dimm post report 4 dimm ram oke and other dimm post report 1 dimm report abnormal??i have this ramhttp://www.gskill.com/en/product/f3-14900cl9q-16gbzland computer report and mobo bios reported 12Gb ra...

38758 38759 38764 38765

x79 2400 memory bug needs attention!!!!

at the very least some explanation from raja or someone from asus this is a serious issue guys I'm surprised this hasn't stayed at the top of the list and more people are not mad half of are memory bandwidth is getting gone.......

over current protection suddenly triggered

It's still early in sweden when i write this so any brain farts on my end are due to that.New build started acting funny last night, all of a sudden without warning it rebooted with the over current protection triggered to save you from a faulty PSU ...

mPCIe Combo II with 802.11ac/Bluetooth 4.0 problem

mPCIe Combo II with 802.11ac/Bluetooth 4.0 problemso i have this problem with the wi-fi, everytime i play diablo III it laggs so much but so much is unplayable i lose connection like crazy, but when is wired is smooth, now i can't have it wired all t...