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Gamers OC profile keeps bluescreening wIN 8.1

Hi, I am new to OC. I am a noob. I followed some instructions on how to load the Gamers OC profile and the PC keeps Bluescreening. Is this profile too much for the CPU? Where is a good reference to manually set everything and try from there? Sytem is...

Hero 7 vcore setting problem

Hi all, im new member and i apologize to my bad english because I'm a Italian who does not speak English well.I state that I have installed the 0904 bios version.I have a problem with the new z97 hero 7 with setting the vcore and now I will try to ex...

okkaido by Level 7
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Rampage iii extreme slot pcie problem

Hello!I have got a Rampage iii extreme with a GTX 480.Im using the 3rd pcie slot.The the graphic card is too big and i need to use the 2nd PCIe. I read that the all pci are 16x.I did move it up but it would not display. I turned on only the PCIe #2 ...

tensio by Level 7
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MB won't reboot

Hi,I built my computer 4 days ago w/o a case so i'm using the onboard button to turn on the MB but whenever I try to reboot using windows i get a 00 q-code, the CPU Led turns on and the computer won't reboot(The fans are still spinning). The reset bu...

mPCIe Combo II screws

I've lost the two short screws that hold the metal ROG cover on the combo card that comes with the M6E, does anyone know the thread/size of these so I can get replacements? Thanks.

Z97 Maximus VII ETA?

I know it's a ways off, but is there any indication of an ETA on Z97 Motherboards?I'm looking specifically for a 4970K with a Maximus VII Formula. And yes, I can wait the 3 months or so I'd estimate......would just appreciate an idea if this estimate...

Pahani by Level 9
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