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B450 : m.2_1 slot

I tried using m.2_1 slot for storageBUTin bios, it seems to default it to boot drive.And each time it would boot to it even though my OS is in my other SSD.I want to use this slot as storage drive.How can i do this?

Prime X570-Pro SATA Drivers?

I just put together my first AMD based system in probably 10 years, basic specs are Asus Prime X570-Pro / Ryzen 3950X / Corsair Dominator RGB 32gb / Samsung 2TB m.2 etc and after loading the operating system and installing all the chipset drivers fro...

Norm by Level 9
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How much to I nstall to get into the BIOS?

What is the lowest denominator that I can install and still get into the BIOS? At present, I only have the motherboard installed. I want to take it a step at a time to trace and problems.Asus Rampage V Edition 10Bob

Maximus VII Ranger boot problem - Q code 77

HiI have a rather strange problem with my motherboard.Every time, if the computer has been shut down, it will not boot at all. It stops with the Q-code 77. Not even posting on screen.However, if I take out my MSI GTX 970 Gaming and use the onboard gr...

Questions about AI Suite on X570-P Prime motherboard

Under VDDCR Power Phase Control you can select either Optimized or Extreme. What exactly do these do?When I open up the program after a system restart it does not save the settings. How can I save settings so that I don't need to switch these everyt...

Sluggish PC after exiting Windows 10 sleep mode

Hi there. I just built a Ryzen 5 3600 system with an Asus X570-P Prime motherboard. When returning from sleep mode, the PC runs sluggish and audio skips. Also, PC gets stuck on restart or shutdown and requires me to hit either the reset or power b...

MSR Lock setting not respected TUF X299 Mark1 v. 3006

Motherboard model: ASUS TUF X299 Mark 1UEFI Version: 3006CPU: Intel i9-7920XMemory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: 4x16 GB (64 GB) GPU: AMD Radeon 5700XT 8GSSD/HDDs/Optical drives: NVMe Samsung 950 Pro, NVMe Samsung 970 Pro, Intel 520 SSD, Some...