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Possible To Change Overclock Profile On The Desktop ?

Usually I change my custom profiles via the bios from Energy Saving if I'm just doing web browsing, Light work, Movies, Music etc... to keep temps and volts down and then go back into the bios and switch it to my Overclocked profile.But I was wonderi...

M4BE - and Norton 360

Hi All...I've recently tried to install Norton 360 internet security and (after several hours) found that the Asus RTKSMUILauncher.exe in the Win 7 startup list prevents Norton from loading. The file is located in C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc...

RobSys by Level 7
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Help a Newb out. Brand New Install

So I went out today and bought all thisi5 4690 3.5 GHZAsus Maximus VII Hero MOBOEVGA GeForce GTX760 2 GGB GDDR5 SuperclockedCorsair H80i water cooler16 GB Corsair Vengeance Pro1 TB Western Digital BlueWindows 8.1 OEMAlready Have an Antec 650W Truepow...

emmjay32 by Level 7
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pls help

I have a max iv gen z mlb.the problem I am haveing is that I am trying to boot from a cdrom drive.the disk I am booking is a win 8 setup disk, I get this message press any key to boot from cd/dvd rom.even tho I am banging the space bar over and over ...

VII Hero Real-Time Clock Issues

Hi,Seems like the Z97 VII Hero suffers from the infamous frozen clock bug ("Windows goes back one hour" after every hour that passes when synchronizing with the hardware clock).I'll try the known temporary fix (10-second CLR_CMOS), but has anyone her...

DDRRE by Level 7
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Asus Maximus VII Hero USB 3 issues

Hey guys.I'm having as strange USB issue with my Maximus VII Hero.I picked up a Audioengine D1 DACc, all but the lower USB 3 ports (circled in image) didn't work with the DAC at all, I get a warning about a hardware malfunction.I had a friend bring o...

Crosshair V Formula-Z USB ports won't turn of.

MB: Crosshair V Formula ZCPU: AMD FX-9590RAM: GSkill Tridentx DDR3 2400 8GX2POWER SUPPLY : PSU RADIMAX 1000w I put together this system about a month and a half ago and when ever the computer is turn off the usb ports will still have power going to i...

Archh by Level 7
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Z97-PRO Q Code 55 Error.

Hi all, just recently built my first computer from scratch. When trying to boot, all fans work, everything lights up etc, but won't past POST. I get error qcode 55. That means Memory not installed. I made sure I installed them properly with a click. ...