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Too much time in POST Screen - Asus Maximus Hero VII [SOLVED]

Hi guys, I´vs recently bought a Maximus Hero VII for a new build , and i´ve run trough a few issues . Two weeks ago i had to update BIOS, because i had a problem with my graphics card, which i had to RMA eventuall. Now, after new BIOS update, a have ...

w3ap0ns by Level 7
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VII Hero + Sound Blaster Z

Hi Guys, first post here.I bought a Maximus VII Hero with M6e M.2 PCI-E SSD etc. all is working fine. I also want to add the sound blaster Z card and here's the question, I know that in M2 mode PCIeX1_1~3 are disabled so I can use only PCIE_X8_2 or P...

madkiw by Level 7
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Code 55 after changing the CPU Cooler.

Hello.I just assembled my new rig yesterday. The only problem I had then was my CPU was running unusually hot. I remounted My H100i and the no avail. I then switched to my Noctua nh-u14s. I tryed to boot and Code 55 appeared. I tried using different ...

Sabretooth 990FX and Kingston 4x4 KHX1333 memory issue

I just purchased the Sabretooth 990FX mobo and got everything hooked up. When I powered on it beeps constantly and the LED next to the MemOK button is lit constantly. I pressed the button and it went through the various attempts to use the DIMMS. ...

trey915 by Level 7
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ASUS Maximus VII Formula - Bios Update Question ?

Hi Guys,I have purchased the new ASUS Maximus VII Formula. ASUS have already released multiple BIOS versions.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 0603Description MAXIMUS VII FORMULA BIOS 0603Impro...

ERTUS by Level 7
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Something that should of been fixed along time ago

Click the 5-way optimization button to start total system optimization before using this utility.Your kidding me right, dip4.dll write of addres 00000074 errors really, honestly I don't even know why I installed this software, or for that matter any ...

Maximus VI Form stuck on F9

While trying to update my bios, my motherboard got locked in. Code is showing F9. Not sure how to get it out of this one.

ikennyyy by Level 7
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Maximus Hero Vi Dual Channel RAM error

well im trying to install my second ram into B1 but when i do i get nothing and heres some things i did1. installing it both A1-A2 or B1-B2 rams are - OK2. tested both rams into every single slot of A1-A2-B1-B2 are - OKNOTE: both rams are identical i...