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asus maximus vi formula for $200 or lower. Good Deal?

just bougth theasus maximus vi formula for $200. and I also have a rebate for $30, if I can get my rebate back it will cost $170 for this board. is this good deal if cost $200 ?. or wroth to pay $350+ for asus maximus vii formula Z97 one? Im runing...

ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO Network problems

Hey, i got my new motherboard 2/3 weeks ago, and i have got some problems with the internet connection. i have 12/1 connection atm but sometimes i get 12 / 1 and other times i get around 7 / 0.2 wich makes some internet lag ingame while playing games...

overheating with new CPU heatsink

I need some advice as I just installed a new cooling system and am not getting good temps now.The last time I installed my H100i , I used a pea size drop in the middle and had good temps. When I took off the H100i to install my new setup, I notice...


What am I missing out on using a Hero ROG board?

Hey all, simple question I hope. I've been running rock steady the last nearly 3 years on my Maximus Gene-Z mATX bobo with a i5 2500k at 4.6ghz with basic G.Skill DDR3 1866mhz RAM. I used a really easy setting in the UEFI BIOS to overclock with just ...

1ceTr0n by Level 11
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VII HERO Q-Shield foam off!

Hi everyone. I bought a Asus VII HERO. I noted that Q-shield came with a foam on that shield. On a old Gigabyte of mine I pulled it off because mobo won't fix on my chassis. When my new asus came, the first thing i've done was pull that foam off. Now...

1000w Fatality 4pin absence

i got good news for those users that got 1000watts Fatality PSU that doesnt have 4pin molex including me .. use 6pin additional cable labled cpu, and detach other 6pin from it; then use it to plug in to 4pin connector; 6pin to 4pin? yes, leave sing...

Which pump for EK northbridge plate

which pump should i choose if i wanna go with Ek cooling plate? do i need additional reservour if i wanna extend system loop in the future ..? i decided to do some reasearch and buy the plate after some gaming yesterday and seeing 67/70c hitting my n...

Maximus VII ranger no sound options

Ive just done a quick re-install of windows as i swapped to a SSD. My system does not have an optical drive so i had to download the drivers and install them manually. Last time around i had a bunch of audio options which i no longer have. I have the...

Vexxx by Level 7
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HDMI Sound playback issue

So i just finished building my computer a day ago but, I seem to have a problem on my hands. When hooking up to my t.v. with a HDMI cord i will get picture but no sound. After looking into this for some time, and re installing almost everything Audio...