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Q-Code dE

I was watching some videos and glanced over at my computer and saw the Q-code dE. I saw a thread on this website saying they were having this code but their motherboard wasn't posting. Obviously mine was already on when the code changed, I looked in ...

I installed the cooler right?

Hello, I recently installed a cooler CM Nepton 280l, but the fans work at high speed when starting windows 7 64bit, no load on the CPU cooler should be in the low RPM, but it is not.I can configure PWM in bios but windows does not recognize any senso...

kiP8Tx by Level 7
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Kernel Power Error Event ID 41 Task 63

Hey guys. Just wondering if some kind would would help shed some light on these errors i'm getting in my event logs.My key specs are :-i5 4670k overclocked to 4.6 GHz (100% stable in prime 95 / aida 64 and gaming)Asus Maximus VII Ranger with Bios ver...

seanmack by Level 7
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RAID 1 Problem/Issue or RAID question in general

System Components:CPU: Intel i7 4770K 3.5Ghz - not overclockedGPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 780 ti Super Clocked w/ ACX coolerMobo: ASUS Maximus VII HeroRAM: G.SKill Ripjaws 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHZSSD: 2x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB HDD: ...

brant by Level 7
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GameFirst III v1.00.11 - Update Changelog

Hi All, We just updated GameFirst III to v1.00.11 - this is already available via ASUS LiveUpdate and will be available via download page within a few days.v1.00.11 solves an incompatibility issue with GeForce Experience and improves overall performa...

X-ROG by Level 15
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Maximus VII hero ram 55.

I just put my new computer together this morning, and had some problems at first, the computer turned on and off all the time. Then it gave me error 55, it restarted and then it worked. I installed windows and all of the drivers from the CD plus grap...

Evoovio by Level 7
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PC start up behavior on over-clock

I have my i7-4770K CPU running at a stable 4.4 GHz at 1.24 v. The same with the 2 cache ratios. I have noticed that since setting this, when starting the PC from a cold boot (I don't use sleep or hibernation), it powers up for a second, powers down a...

GregH by Level 7
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R4BE Will only post with Op default settings - QCode 79

Last week my 4930K posted a Q Code 00 (mild OC was pushing my Matrix cards) I did the normal testing and checks with no luck. I could not resuscitate. So I received my 3930K and setup the board. The board posted with the OP defaults settings. If I a...

meankeys by Level 13
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What is a good 8GB memory set (2x4GB) that is on the QVL list for this board? (Preferably Corsair). Thanks.

Serix by Level 7
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