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No sound.

I was playing Dota 2 today.And i have only 4GB RAM installed.I have several services up like Chrome whit few tabs.And winamp playing.Im heavy user.Everyday i get warning from Windows that my RAM is low.I disabled every single thing that would take sp...

Asus Sabranco

Are there any news on the release date of Asus Sabranco? I believe there would me many buyers interested in this beauty. Wil this be widely available or just in selected Countries and stores?

Nyralim by Level 7
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VII-Gene, front panel headphones inverted channels

Hi!Again, after installing this jewel of a mobo, it is time to post some unresolved issues.This one is that my speakers and my headphones work fine connected otherwise, but my frontpanel delivers inverted changels (left = right, right = left) There i...

Core Parking Causing System freezes

Hey guys, Just some info for ya. Be careful with dis-abling core parking. I was having problems with my system freezing up while I was using online websites to check internet speed that uses flash, and on certain internet games my kids play that us...

chris635 by Level 7
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Rampage IV Black Edition ASMedia RAID controller

Hello everyone,I have spent the last 24 hours racking my brain around this issue and I couldn't find anything specifically related to it on the black edition mobo. I have found similar issues related to the RIVE but I believe it's a different raid co...

Sata III coneection help please!

Bought the Samsung T-1 msata 840-EVO SSD and found out it will not fit in the added slot on the Maximus V!! formula mother board. Newegg would not take it back even though I just received it that day. I ordered a 2 and a half inch msata conversion sa...

jayef69 by Level 7
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Quick Sync worth it?

Hi. So this is my first Intel build in a while. I have a Z97-Pro and an i5 and NVidia GTX 770 discrete card was wondering if it is worth it to install the Intel HD graphics driver to try to enable and use Quick Sync. Any known issues when using a dis...

Asus Maximus V Gene - No Display from LED's Error Code?

Hey guys. I have a small problem here, my computer suddenly went dead after I got back from Applefest (a club fair in my college) and my monitors won't show up while my rig was running. I thought my computer was in a sleep mode but it wasn't the case...

Maximus VI Extreme q-code 00

Hey guys, this already happened to me once, i got caught in a 00 code, and fixed it by flashing the BIOS into the motherboard, but now it happend again and it's not working at all.this 00 code happens everytime i install the ek water cooling block fo...

ASUS Maximus VII Formula won't POST past default clocks

I recently bought a Maximus VII Formula along with an i7-4790k to upgrade my aging AM3-based system. I kept my Kingston RAM on the basis that it's good enough for me (2x Kingston KHX18C9T2K2/8X 8GB kits).Initially everything worked perfectly, includi...

gjsmo by Level 7
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