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need help crosshair v formula-z fx8350

okay, i wouldl ike to say thanks to anyone reading this who can help me fix this sack of ****ok so ive put my system together, lets just say im not a twat and all my parts are compatable and that i have plugged in all the cables ect. all my parts are...

noddyuk by Level 7
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Samsung Magician 4.3 causing BSOD

I just installed Win 8.1 on my new Samsung Evo 1TB SSD with my Gryphon Z87 MB with all MB drivers and software. I installed the magician software first and did all the settings etc without issues. then I did all other MB drivers and device driver/so...

Advanced / Boot / CSM - Meaning of Auto?

What does the auto setting in Compatability Support Module mean, I have attached a screenshot to highlight what I mean.Without Auto selected, we have many options such as UEFI and Legacy OpRom.For example, if I set this field to Auto, is my MOBO now ...

Maximus Hero vi, SLI Issues

So my issue is that my computer will fully boot to desktop when running one card, but once I insert the second and put the SLI connector on it doesn't even post. the MOBO stops on Qcode AE for about 30 seconds, and then changes to A0. Any help would ...

Maximus Ranger help

HelloI own Asus Maximus Ranger VII and ROG front base, my case is NZXT switch 810. I'm in a bit of confusion my case has a HD audio wire and the ROG has same wire but I dunno what it's called I want to know which one should I connect to the AAFP conn...

JayMI6 by Level 8
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Oh Asus - facepalm

So I decied after years of having AMD stuff only to switch to intel. It feels like a big mistake so far and the main reason is Asus Maximus VI HERO.I bought: - Core i7-4790K (4Ghz) - Maximus Vi HERO - RAM 2X 4Gb HyperX 2666CL11I have from previous...

ehivar by Level 8
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XMP profile does not work correctly

Hello all. I have a motherboard asus maximus vi Hero. The problem is that when I try to install the XMP profile for the RAM, my computer refuses to work. Prosihodit so that when I install the profile, save the BIOS settings and restart the computer o...

Maximus VII Hero Intel driver error on install

I have a new build and when I when I went to install the MB driver disk the intel rapid storage tech driver from the disk the pc hangs on the reboot and goes into windows repair mode. The drive connected is a Samsung 840 pro 512. the only other drive...

Amped by Level 7
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Updated Rampage IV BE drivers

Just wondering if there are drivers out there for the two SATA controllers on this board that are newer more up to date then the ones on Asus's website? I'm not sure where I would get the ones for this board at outside of Asus's website.

kahless by Level 7
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